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Woolpower Insoles

Woolpower insoles are made from the offcuts and trimmed material of the Woolpower garment making process. Containing 50% merino wool, and 50% synthetic fibres, these insoles are the perfect addition to shoes and boots, adding a layer of warmth and insulation beneath your feet.

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Cdn $18.25

Fenix CL20 Camp Lantern

The Fenix CL20 camp lantern is designed for general camp illumination - be it in a tent, under a tarp, from a tree, or on a table. Capable of running off of either two AA batteries, or a single CR123 lithium cell, the CL20 can output up to 165 lumens, and run for up to 95 hours.

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Cdn $42.95

Bob Dustrude Folding Buck Saw

FREE Shipping within Canada on orders of $50 or moreThe Bob Dusdtrude Folding Buck Saw features an ingenius design with a "lever action" wood handle that tensions the 21, 24 or 30 inch blade into it's aluminum frame. The saw sets up in seconds, is extremely lightweight, and packs down to a minimal footprint for stowing in packs or bags.

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Cdn $64.75

Freight Toboggan - Canadian Made

Freight toboggans are a must for winter trekking adventures - built long and flexible, they can carry a lot of supplies and gear (including the all important wood stove). Ours are hand crafted here in Ontario from UHMWPE (same material as hockey arena boards) and hardwood crossbars with stainless steel screws. Strap on the snowshoes and head out on your own Snow Walking adventure.

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Cdn $270.00