550 Paracord Military Spec

550 Paracord Military Spec
550 paracord is ubiquitous. Real, seven strand, fully tested military grade (not consumer grade) 550 paracord made in the USA is not. When you're in an emergency situation, and have to rely on your paracord, do you want to have to question whether it'll really hold all that weight? Don't take chances with cheap knock-offs - get the real deal and get peace of mind.

Our cord is made to Type III Mil-C-5040 spec by a US government contractor. Available in black, coyote brown, red, international orange, foliage green, outdoor green, and white in 25, 50, and 100ft lengths.

Check out the lab report below:

550 paracord lab report
SKU 550-001-FG25
Shipping Weight 200.00 g
Price: Cdn $4.99