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Canadian made toboggans and sleighs from steam bent ash. The real deal - made to last.


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Toboggan 5ft - Canadian Made Steam Bent Ash

Canadian made toboggans from steam bent Ontario FSC certified ash aren't easy to find, but we've got them. Assembled with countersunk screws (not staples), and dipped in a water based finish, these toboggans will ensure entire childhoods zipping down hills and enjoying what winter has to offer.

Our price:
Cdn $39.99

Children's Hoop Sleigh - Canadian Made

A lot of youngsters here in Canada have never seen wooden sleighs (!). We aim to change that. Our steam bent ash sleighs are sturdy, solid, rugged and comfy for little ones when they need a ride in snowy weather. Built right here in Ontario, they are made to last, and feature steel wear bars on the runners to improved wear and control.

Our price:
Cdn $139.99

Children's Cutter Sleigh - Canadian Made

Our Children's Cutter Sleighs are made for young children (9 - 24 months) and feature wooden side walls to help contain and keep kids safe. Steel bars on the runners add longevity, control, and help with gliding on slick or icy surfaces. An optional swaddling bag is also available.

Our price:
Cdn $169.99

Toboggan 6ft - Canadian Made Steam Bent Ash

Quality, Canadian made wooden toboggans are very tough to find. We have located however, quality, crafted, steam bent ash toboggans and sleighs that are built to last for entire childhoods and beyond, and are made right here in Ontario. It's time to hit the hills!

Our price:
Cdn $199.99

Freight Toboggan - Canadian Made

Freight toboggans are a must for winter trekking adventures - built long and flexible, they can carry a lot of supplies and gear (including the all important wood stove). Ours are hand crafted here in Ontario from UHMWPE (same material as hockey arena boards) and hardwood crossbars with stainless steel screws. Strap on the snowshoes and head out on your own Snow Walking adventure.

Our price:
Cdn $270.00