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Char Cloth Kit

Char cloth makes great tinder for firepistons, flint and steels, and general fire lighting. But what do you do when you run out of char cloth? Make more char cloth of course!

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Cdn $9.95
Flint and Steel Kit

Flint and Steel Kits are for those who like their firemaking old school style. Our flint and steel kits include a flint, a steel, charcloth (for an ember), and jute rope (for tinder).

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Cdn $24.95
FireStar Fire Piston

FREE Shipping within Canada on orders of $50 or moreThe new FireStar fire piston features precision CNC manufacturing and state of the art compression fire starting technology. The compact size is perfect for pocket, pack or belt carry, and the FireStar II features a hidden firesteel that provides a secondary fire making method.

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Cdn $74.50

Fire Piston - Survival Fire Pen II Model

FREE Shipping within Canada on orders of $50 or moreThe Survival Pen Fire Piston is the size of a ballpoint pen, has a relief valve (2nd generation design), and features an optional hidden ferro rod.

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Cdn $76.25