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ZlideOn Replacement Zippers

ZlideOn is a Swedish patented innovation that is produced and manufactured in a small village in Småland in Sweden. ZlideOn’s innovative replacement zippers clip on to the old teeth, making the the broken zipper is easy to replace and the life of the jacket, pant, shoe, bag, overall, backpack, sleeping bag, tent etc is extended. ZlideOn fits all products or equipment with a broken zipper. ZlideOn believes in a sustainable textile industry and wants to help people make environmentally conscious decisions. Replacing a zipper is not easy, but with ZlideOn, its cheaper, faster and more environmentally friendly!
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About ZlideOn

ZlideOn is a patented Swedish innovation that is manufactured and produced in a small village in Småland in the south of Sweden. With a dedication to helping the environment (If you mend the zipper instead of buying a new garment in polyester, for example, you save at least 5kg of CO2 and the 200 years it would take to decompose. When you mend the zipper in your old favourite jeans instead of buying a new pair you save 10,000 litres of water in water scarce areas), and extending the life of products, ZlideOn’s innovative replacement zippers go on quick, and allow you to keep zipping.
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