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Canada Map Books

Made to print Canada backroad map books, hiking trail maps and canoe routes from experts including Kevin Callan, Jeff McMurtry, Mors Kochanski, Ray Mears, Les Stroud and more.
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About Canada Map Books

Maps are essential when out on a trip through the Canadian wilderness. While route descriptions and trip planners are useful, it is an actual map that will be referred to when out in the field trying to find that portage or access point, or looking for an alternative route if plans unexpectedly change. We carry maps as part of field guides, or as stand alone, foldable units that can be stowed into packs or map cases. We even carry waterproof maps, to ensure you can read the information you need when you need it most.

Types of Canada Map Books

Kevin Callan Canoe & Camp Guides Kevin Callan's canoe guides are some of the most detailed and useful guides out there - check out his route descriptions before you head out on your next adventure.
LatLong Maps Based in Toronto, Ontario, LatLong produces large scale, attractive, highly detailed, functional maps for canoe tripping, backcountry camping, hiking, and more. Printed on a tear and water-resistant FSC paper in Canada.
Unlostify Maps Unlostify maps feature 2 distinct maps and uses for every area they cover: a whiteboard planning side and a trip side for using in the field. Waterproof with glow-in-the-dusk inks, Unlostify maps are the latest in cutting edge mapping technology.
Ontario Canoe Map Guides Up-to-date back-country maps for Canoeing in Ontario provide detailed route options so you know all your hiking, canoeing and site seeing options.
Ontario Hiking Trail Guides Enjoy your hike to the fullest with hiking trail guides for the Bruce Trail, Ganaraska Trail, maps in Algonquin, Killarney, or other Ontario Parks.

Our Canada Map Books

We stock only the best in Canada Map Books so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
The Adventure Map Missinaibi 3 - Mattice to Moosonee
The Adventure Map Missinaibi 3 - Mattice to MoosoneeThe third and final segment of the Missinaibi takes you from Mattice, all the way to Moosonee and beyond that to the southern most point of the Arctic ocean and James Bay. This map coveres a total of 314 kms of water with historic sites, white water rapids and portages.
The Adventure Map Mississagi Provincial Park and Area
The Adventure Map Mississagi Provincial Park and Area Missisagi Provincial Park, along with Rawhide Lake Conservation Area and Matinenda and Blind River Provincial Park, offer over 150 km of paddling routes, and 50 km of beautiful hiking opportunities. At a detailed scale of 1:50,000 you'll be able to take this waterproof guide with you, to locate the portages, access points, campsites and trail heads to this breathtaking wilderness area.
The Adventure Map Oxtongue River Provincial Park
The Adventure Map Oxtongue River Provincial ParkOxtongue River & Ragged Falls Provincial Park is a gem located just west of Algonquin Park. This Waterproof map showcases Canoe Lake and Smoke Lake in Algonquin, to Oxtongue Lake, with several access points, and hiking trails to choose from.
The Adventure Map® Philip Edward Island
The Adventure Map® Philip Edward IslandGeorgian Bay is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes, including Phillip Edward Island. Neighbouring with Killarney Provincial Park, and noted as one of the best areas for wild kayaking and camping in North America, this map showcases Collins Inlet, Beaverstone Bay, and the south edge of Killarney.
Ray Goodwin Canoeing- Second Edition
Ray Goodwin Canoeing- Second EditionRay Goodwin is known as the UK’s foremost canoe coach, and his book covers all aspects of the open canoe, from wilderness travel and design, with a focus on canoeing techniques. New to the second edition, is a section on vision pattern, a method of creating a map of a rapid. The second edition also dives deep into new solo rescue techniques, canoeing with children, and advanced lining and tracking.
Your Guide to Halton Region
Your Guide to Halton RegionThere are many conservation areas, agreement forests, and other protected areas within Halton Region. At a scale of 1:80:000, this map covers them, and all the Halton Region watersheds, stretching from Georgetown and Hamilton, scenic drives, birding areas, caving, pick your own farms, canoe and kayak launches, fishing and more.This paper map is great for travelling, because you'll be able to see the entirety of the area on all your adventures.
Temagami Planning Map
Temagami Planning Map This general reference, paper map, is great for the at home planning phase of your trip to Temagami. The large, but small scale paper map, covers all the Ontario parks in the area, plus conservation areas, and crown land.
The Massasauga Planning Map
The Massasauga Planning MapStretching from Parry Sound to Moon River, Massasauga Provincial Park is located on the eastern shore of Georgian Bay and features hundreds of islands and inland lakes and forests - ideal for hiking, portaging and paddling.
French River Planning Map
French River Planning Map This waterproof edition of the French River Provincial Park can be used both at home as a general reference map for preplanning, and on the water to view the entirety of the park.
The Explorer's Guide to Algonquin Park
The Explorer's Guide to Algonquin ParkA revised guide to more than 9065 square km of Algonquin Park, including access points, hiking trails, canoe routes, optimal wildlife viewing areas and times, historical points of interest, as well as stunning photography from the author who has spent decades exploring the park.
Waterfalls of Ontario
Waterfalls of OntarioA guide to exploring Ontario's most beautiful waterfalls. With GPS coordinates, and accurate driving directions for each fall, this book will not only guide you there but dig deep into features with colour photographs, history, geography, and waterfall characteristics.
UTM Corner Ruler Adventure Racing
UTM Corner Ruler Adventure RacingThe UTM corner ruler Adventure Racing is useful when plotting or measuring a GPS position onto a topographic map, as a corner ruler will allow for very precise measurements to be made within the existing map grid square.
UTM Slot Tool
UTM Slot ToolThis Slot Tool allows you to plot UTM coordinates up to a 10 meter accuracy within a 1 kilometer grid. It also has compass bearings along its outside edge that makes plotting or measuring a bearing a breeze.
The Adventure Map Bon Echo Provincial Park
Sold Out The Adventure Map Bon Echo Provincial ParkOne of eastern Ontario's major provincial parks, this perennial favourite has something for everyone, including five great hiking trails, one of which climbs nearly 100 metres up the face of Mazinaw Rock to an impressive lookout over the lake. This 1:30,000 map details the several campgrounds, access points, facilities, and other attractions
The Adventure Map Mattawa River
Sold Out The Adventure Map Mattawa River Located between Lake Nipissing and the Town of Mattawa lies the historic Mattawa River. Used extensively during the fur trade, but before that by many First Nations, as well and by many of Canada's "explorers", people have been traveling this river by canoe for thousands of years. This map features Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, campsites, portages, points of interest, roads and trails all at 1:40,000 scale.
The Adventure Map Temagami 1 Northeast
Sold Out The Adventure Map Temagami 1 NortheastTemagami provides thousands of lakes and rivers among the rocky forested hills of northern Ontario.This 1:80,000 scale, and 24"x25" map covers the Northeast quadrant of the main region, and is bounded by Maple Mountain (Ontario's 3rd highest elevation) to the west, Latchford and Hwy 11 to the east, Wakimika Lake, Sandy Inlet and Red Squirrel Road to the south and the Spray Creek/Big Spring Lake/Montreal River junction to the north.
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