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42mm Binoculars

42mm binoculars are considered the most versatile, with very good low light function while still offering fairly small form factor. Available from Minox or Meopta.
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About 42mm Binoculars

42 mm binoculars offer the broadest performance of all objective lenses in a range of environmental and light conditions. Excellent in full sun or daylight conditions, the larger 42mm lens also offers superior performance during dawn, dusk or twilight, offering detail and precision imaging of objects in shadow and in low light conditions. The larger lens does make for a heavier body, but 42mm can still be used without the need for tripods or supports. If nature viewing, hunting or scouting in variable light conditions is your use of choice the 42mm binocular is the tool of choice.

Our 42mm Binoculars

We stock only the best in 42mm Binoculars so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
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