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Outdoor Blankets, Tents, Tarps and Mats

Take shelter from all that mother nature throws your way with the right tarp, tent, sleeping bag and mat.

Types of Outdoor Blankets, Tents, Tarps and Mats

Tarps A tarp is that one piece of gear that can be single handedly responsible for turning bad weather into a good time.
High Quality Winter Hot Tents We specialize in Canadian made cotton duck canvas tents. There are plenty of places carrying a dizzying array of brightly coloured nylon tents, and these are fine for summer use, or when your sleeping bag is your primary source of heat. In order to extend the camping season year round however, we’re big fans of using wood stoves in conjunction with winter hot canvas tents.
Outdoor Blankets Don't toss and turn trying to stay warm. 100% wool blankets provide heat retention and bacteria resistance and are as functional as they are comfortable.
Sleeping Bags & Mats Insulating camping and hiking sleeping mats and bags stop the cold and provide additional comfort when sleeping in the outdoors.

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About Outdoor Blankets, Tents, Tarps and Mats

Being in the outdoors is amazing, but as we are mere homo sapiens, sooner or later we will need to take shelter from all that mother nature throws our way. A good tarp is sometimes all that is needed, to shield out the sun or wind, or to keep dry when it rains. For longer stays, a tent becomes a home a way from home, offering a place to rest and recoup, and in the winter or shoulder seasons (with the inclusion of a stove), a warm place to dry out, cook a meal, or get some sleep. Our tents and tarps are all Canadian made, and offer first rate construction from quality materials.

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