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Only The Best Outdoor Equipment

We stock only the highest quality equipment, built to work and last, so you can trust your gear to perform when you need it most, time and time again.

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Outdoor Equipment You Can Trust to Work and Last

Buy quality outdoor products you'll love to use and that will last. We're passionate about the outdoors and offer only high quality products we're proud to stand behind as a company and trust to use ourselves. The outdoor equipment we offer has all been crafted for quality and durability so you can trust your equipment to perform when needed.

We value fair labour practices and do our best to source our products from manufacturers who share this same value. We also believe stewardship of our natural environment to be paramount, and as such, donate a portion of our proceeds to The Nature Conservancy of Canada.

We love the outdoors, and strive to make great outdoor gear available to you for all your work and play needs. See you out there!

Types of Outdoor Equipment

New Outdoor Equipment The latest and greatest in new outdoor equipment is right here. Free shipping over $50 in Canada and over $150 in the United States.
Outdoor Axes, Knives and Saws From building shelters to making fire and preparing food, outdoor axes, knives and saws are essential for any outdoor adventure.
Outdoor Cooking Equipment Whether cooking on a fire or using a stove, the right cooking equipment helps make cooking outdoors a highlight of any outdoor adventure.
Outdoor Clothing Stay comfortable and protected with the right clothing so you can enjoy your time outdoors in any environment under any conditions.
Outdoor Backpacks and Bags With the right outdoor pack you can organize and store your gear carefully and comfortably so you're prepared and ready to enjoy your time outdoors.
Outdoor Blankets, Tents, Tarps and Mats Take shelter from all that mother nature throws your way with the right tarp, tent, sleeping bag and mat.
Outdoor Safety Equipment Knowing your environment and avoiding risks can help prevent accidents - the right outdoor safety equipment will have you prepared for if they do.
Outdoor Trip Planning Books, Maps and DVDs Our books, dvds, maps and compasses help you prepare for your time outdoors adding to both your safety and your comfort.
More Outdoor Equipment View our additional outdoor equipment including camping accessories, binoculars, snowshoes, toboggans and sleighs.
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