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Our New Outdoor Equipment

We stock only the best in New Outdoor Equipment so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Savotta Trinket Pockets
Savotta Trinket PocketsSavotta's trinket pockets are highly useful for storing and organizing all manner of first aid items, hygiene products, tools, electronics, camera accessories, clothing, etc. Featuring mesh construction, a full diagonal zipper, and webbing in the corners for attaching via carabiners, lines, or buckles, and a choice of either a stand-alone pouch, or hook back (velcro) backing, the Savotta trinket pocket is available in three sizes.
Helle Temagami 14C28N Knife
Helle Temagami 14C28N KnifeIn honour of a decade long working relationship, Helle and Les Stroud aka Survivorman have developed an anniversary edition of Helle's classic Temagami knife. Featuring the same half fulltang blade and curly birch handle, the Temagami 14C28N anniversary edition features 14C28N steel, and a 90 degree sharpened spine - allowing it to be used for striking a ferro rod.
Helle Eggen 12C27 Knife
Helle Eggen 12C27 KnifeThe Helle Eggen 12C27 is a special, limited time only run of the classic Helle Eggen in Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel. Order while supplies last!
Lidded Barrel Buckets
Lidded Barrel BucketsThe Recreational Barrel Works Lidded Barrel Bucket makes keeping food and gear organized in 60L, 30L, or 20L canoe barrels a breeze, and the zippered lid ensures nothing falls out of your barrel buckets during transport.
ZlideOn Narrow Zipper Replacement Zipper
ZlideOn Narrow Zipper Replacement ZipperBroken zippers are normally the death knell of many products. ZlideOn from Sweden have designed a quick and easy zipper replacement mechanism for quick and easy restoration of zippers on sleeping bags, garments, bags, packs and more.
ZlideOn Replacement Zipper Multipacks
ZlideOn Replacement Zipper MultipacksZlideOn replacement zipper multipacks offer a range of sizes and zipper styles to replace zippers on metal, plastic, narrow and waterproof zippers. Quick and easy to install, ZlideOn replacement zippers are the eco-friendly way to extend the life of all your zippered gear.
Kupika Plates
Kupika PlatesKupilka plates, like their bowls and cups, are the ultimate camp dishwear - usable for hot or cold foods, with a raised edge to prevent spills, and formed handles on the ends - rugged, durable, easy to clean, as well as BPA free and dishwasher safe, all Kupilka plates are made in Finland.
Traditional Huron Snowshoes
Traditional Huron SnowshoesThe Huron is the most well known shape of all traditional snowshoe models - well suited for distance travel in more open forest or fields. Very quiet, easy to maneuver, and features a geometry that provides great flotation in soft snow, and a long tail to assist in a natural walking movement.
ZlideOn Replacement Metal Zipper
ZlideOn Replacement Metal ZipperFor most products, their end of life can largely be defined by when the zippers give out. We all have jackets, packs, bags, etc..where once the zipper goes, the product is essentially rendered useless - but it doesn't have to be that way. ZlideOn replacement zippers from Sweden install in a matter of seconds, and provide a means of restoring functionality to zippers where the zip slider mechanism has failed or is damaged - thereby allowing for repair, and extending the life cycle of products with zippers. Hooray!!
ZlideOn Plastic Zipper Replacement Zipper
ZlideOn Plastic Zipper Replacement ZipperZipper failure has normally meant the end of the road for many products - especially packs or bags, where installing a whole new zipper assembly would be difficult or impossible. Thanks to ZlideOn, zippers with faulty zip mechanisms can now be easily repaired in under 30 seconds - giving new life to garments, packs and bags where a zipper has failed.
Woolpower Ribbed Beanie
Woolpower Ribbed BeanieThe Woolpower Ribbed Beanie (aka touque) is constructed from Woolpower's 400 g/m2 material woven into thicker yarn for the classic touque ribbed structure. The fit of the ribbed beanie is meant to lie flat against the head, and has a wide brim for folding up over foreheads and ears.
Exotac fireROD XL Replaceable Firesteel with Tinder Capsule
Exotac fireROD XL Replaceable Firesteel with Tinder CapsuleFor those feeling insecure about the size of their firesteel, Exotac presents the fireROD XL - measuring 9cm long x 1.2cm in diameter, the fireROD provides plenty of sparking power, as well as a generous tinder capsule for firestarting materials or water purification tabs, 4 quickLIGHT firestarters, and 30 cm of repair tape. Go big or go home!
Frost River Great Northern Chopper Mitts
Frost River Great Northern Chopper MittsFrost River's Great Northern Chopper Mitts are made in the USA from Frost's 10.10 oz waxed canvas, and feature a buckskin palm re-inforcement, 300g polar fleece lining, and solid brass snap hook and o-ring hardware.
Frost River Pennsylvania Chopper Mitts
Frost River Pennsylvania Chopper MittsFrost River's Pennsylvania Chopper Mitts are shell over mitts made from Frost River's 10.10 waxed canvas (same material used on their packs) with a reinforced buckskin palm - sized generously to allow for movement of digits when in use.
ZlideOn Waterproof Zipper Replacement Zipper
ZlideOn Waterproof Zipper Replacement ZipperZipper failure usually means the end of road for garments, packs and bags - especially ones with waterproof zippers. Fortunately, ZlideOn from Sweden comes to the resuce with replacement zipper sliders specifically designed for waterproof zippers - don't discard, repair!
Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - Survival Skills
Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - Survival SkillsLars Fält has a long and storied career as an elder statesman of bushcraft, military survival, and outdoor living. Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - Survival Skills delves into how to build shelter, make fire, procure safe, drinkable water, obtain food, use certain edible plants, and use the skills and knowledge of indigenous peoples when facing survival situations.
Traditional Ojibwe Snowshoes
Traditional Ojibwe SnowshoesThe Ojibwe model has the most unique shape of all traditional snowshoe models - well suited for distance travel in open forest or fields. The lifted nose is perfect for crusty or icy snow, and the long narrow tail is great for providing gliding properties down hills or on hard snow. Quiet and stable, it's a good all around snowshoe for long distance adventure.
Complete Guide to Winter Camping 2nd Edition
Complete Guide to Winter Camping 2nd EditionWinter camping is a burgeoning activity in Canada, and Kevin Callan's Complete Guide to Winter Camping 2nd Edition provides information and tips on every aspect of snow and ice fun and safety including advice on setting up shelters, choosing sleep systems, warm clothing, how to track animals, check ice thickness, operate a snowmobile and even catch a fish while winter camping - a down to earth, easy to read guide for the novice and seasoned pro alike.
Silky Gomboy Saw - Outback Edition
Silky Gomboy Saw - Outback EditionThe Silky Gomboy Outback edition saw features impulse hardened teeth, a 24 cm curved blade well suited to one handed use, and also includes a textured arbor composite handle for cold and wet weather use, and a highly durable nickel/tin blend black coating.
Silky Bigboy Saw - Outback Edition
Silky Bigboy Saw - Outback EditionThe Silky Bigboy Outback Edition, like the Bigboy 2000, features a 36 cm low-angle curved blade that offers superior balance and fast cutting, but sports an arbor composite handle that offers a textured, better grip in cold and wet conditions.
Fenix TK16 v2 Flashlight
Fenix TK16 v2 FlashlightThe Fenix TK16 v2.0 flashlight offers up to a massive 3100 lumens of output thanks to it's ARB-L21-5000U battery, and up to 43 hours of operation from a single charge. The TK v2.0 16’s outputs a focussed beam with excellent throw (up to 380 m), and a tactical tail switch - making it the preferred choice for search and rescue, EMS, and law enforcement applications.
Sportes Hydro Bonfire
Sportes Hydro BonfireThe Hydro Bonfire provides an ideal campfire and cooking surface in one - great for those looking to expand on their group cooking skills past what the Sportes MITI series can accommodate, or for those looking for a multi-purpose campfire implement. Made in Canada.
Exped Winterlite -15 Sleeping Bag
Exped Winterlite -15 Sleeping BagDesigned for cold-weather and harsh environments, Exped's Winterlite -15 sleeping bag features 800 fill-power, RDS certified goose down, and NEOVENT-S outer shell material that is water-repellent, breathable, windproof and lightweight - providing protection from moisture in harsh environments (i.e. condensation in tents, drippy snow caves, cold-weather tarp camping).
Exped Women's Winterlite -15 Sleeping Bag
Exped Women's Winterlite -15 Sleeping BagThe Exped Women's Winterlite -15 sleeping bag is cut specifically to fit women and has extra down insulation in the foot and torso sections for greater warmth - like the standard Winterlite -15 bag, it's and is an excellent choice for cold weather harsh-condition environments.
Exped Women's Comfort -10 Sleeping Bag
Exped Women's Comfort -10 Sleeping BagThe Exped Womens Comfort -10 sleeping bag is specifically cut to fit women and features extra down insulation in the foot and torso sections for greater warmth - making it a roomy, feature-rich, extremely versatile mummy bag built for maximum comfort from spring through to fall.
Exped Comfort -10 Sleeping Bag
Exped Comfort -10 Sleeping BagThe Exped Comfort -10 is a feature-rich, roomy, extremely versatile mummy bag built for maximum comfort from spring through to early winter. The generous cut of the Comfort series at the shoulders, hips, legs and feet increases freedom of movement while maintaining the thermal efficiency of a mummy bag.
Traditional Modifed Bearpaw Snowshoes
Sold Out Traditional Modifed Bearpaw SnowshoesThe GV Snowshoes Modified Bear Paw model is a traditional hybrid design featuring a shorter shape for moving in forested areas, but an elongated outline to facilitate easier movement in open fields - well suited for mixed terrain travel.
Baby's First Knife
Sold Out Baby's First KnifeBaby's First Knife is a Canadian made, wooden toy knife designed to spark the imagination and plant the seeds for outdoor adventures in youngsters and toddlers.
Esker Adjustable Hot Tent Center Pole
Sold Out Esker Adjustable Hot Tent Center PoleEsker's new hot tent center pole provides an adjustable (up to 2.5m (8.2 ft )) aluminum pole that can support up to 250 kg (!!) and features a specially designed tip that ensures no damage to tarps or tents it's used with. Perfect for use with all of Esker's Arctic Fox and Classic tent lines, as well as any pyramid style tent, or as additional support under tarps.
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