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Our New Outdoor Equipment

We stock only the best in New Outdoor Equipment so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Scared Legends of the Sandy Lake Cree
Scared Legends of the Sandy Lake CreeA revised edition of Sacred Legends of The Sandy Lake Cree, this book was declared "The best collection of Cree myths" by the Winnipeg Free Press upon it's publication in 1995. It includes stories of windigos, thunderbirds, and avenging gods that once inhabited the boreal forest south of Hudson Bay in what we now call Canada, and is a fascinating, detailed window into the folklore, world view, culture and ancient stories of the Sandy Lake Cree before Europeans arrived.
Legends From The Forest
Legends From The ForestLegends Of The Forest is a collection of foundational stories that are indispensable for understanding boreal culture of the North. Told by Chief Thomas Fiddler, these various tales of Weesakajac (teacher and fool), and other creatures, medicine battles between clans and others stories dramatize the socio-cultural dynamics of Fiddler's homeland and provide a view as to the how-and-why, mysticism, and mystery of boreal cultural.
The Legend of the Mimigwesseos
The Legend of the MimigwesseosThe Legend of the Mimigwesseos contains stories and wood-cut illustrations about the secretive elf-like creatures known as "Mimigwesseos": creatures who were sometimes helpful, but also dangerous to meddle with who lived in the vast water laced boreal forest of the Woodland Cree. While the Mimigwesseos are gone now (along with the underwater moose, talking animals, and the terrifying witigos), this books shares stories about these legendary characters of the spirit world.
Exped Waterproof Telecompression Drybags
Exped Waterproof Telecompression Drybags Exped's waterproof telecompression dry bags are essential for keeping clothes, sleeping bags or other items you need to keep dry: offering reliable protection against water, moisture, dirt and dust. Can also be used as an effective bag pump when the Exped schnozzle (sold separately) is attached.
RBW Paddler Canoe Pack
RBW Paddler Canoe PackThe new RBW Padler Canoe Pack is a mid-sized framed pack with a 105L volume that's designed in the same manner as more capricious 125L Expedition pack, but is smaller in size. The ability to add a framesheet provides the means to carry heavy loads more comfortably over long distances, and the Paddler Canoe Pack can also be used in conjunction with a tumpline.
RBW Camper Canoe Pack
RBW Camper Canoe PackThe new RBW Camper Canoe Pack is an unframed pack with a 76L volume that's designed for youth and smaller adults. It features padded shoulder straps and hipbelt, 7 padded grab handles, two side pockets and compressions straps, a large zippered lid pocket, a top cuff under the lid for extra storage volume, daisy chains on the lid for the attachment of ancillary gear, as well as double layers of fabric in the bottom for durability.
Coureur Two-Part Canoe Pack
Coureur Two-Part Canoe PackPart of RBW's "Heritage Line", the Coureur 2-Part Canoe Pack is a unique modular pack designed for those who need a smaller single pack for personal items or group gear, an extra pack for use with their existing canoe pack, or for solo paddlers where splitting the load makes for more stability in their canoe while paddling, but can be combined into a single pack and load when portaging. The included removable shoulder straps, and option for tump use also allow the Coureur to do double duty as tank bags for winter toboggans and pulks when winter camping.
Trangia T-Cup
Trangia T-CupThe Trangia T-Cup is a lightweight, graded (in mL) 0.5L (17oz) cup, mug and small pot, that has a handy fold out handle, making it highly functional whilst being compact and stowable.
RBW Super Tump
RBW Super TumpRBW's Super Tump is a large, adjustable fleece lined tump that works with all of their canoe packs, and barrel harnesses to provide a comfortable means of carrying loads by transferring the weight from the shoulders down through the spine and onto the legs.
RBW Wanigan Harness
RBW Wanigan HarnessDesigned to be used with wannigans, coolers, or other cases that would not otherwise be easy to portage, the new RBW Wannigan Harness with included Super Tump makes quick work of carrying all sorts of odd shaped or sized containers.
Helle Audun Limited Edition Knife
Helle Audun Limited Edition KnifeThe Special Limited Edition Helle Audun knife is named after chief handle maker Audun Erikstad - who has worked at the Helle factory for over 50 years. Drawing from traditional and contemporary handle design, the Audun features a reindeer antler and dyed curly birch handle, and a laminate stainless steel (H3LS) blade. The hand made leather sheath sports a birch tree - as a handle maker, Audun loves the enduring beauty of birch - especially in the springtime.
Trangia Micro Original
Trangia Micro OriginalThe new Trangia Micro Original is Trangia's smallest and most compact cookset. Comprised of a 0.5L (17oz) cup with lid, spirit burner and windscreen, the windscreen and burner nests into the cup when not in use, taking up very little space in a pack, and provides quick and easy boil ups or fast lunches for 1 - 2 people.
RBW Voyageur Canoe/Toboggan Pack
RBW Voyageur Canoe/Toboggan PackPart of RBW's "Heritage Line", the Voyageur pack does double duty as a traditional style canoe pack (that can hold a 60L barrel with room to spare), and a tank bag for winter toboggans. Made from tough 1000 denier nylon, the Voyageur comes with modular shoulder straps and a removeable Super tump line.
Trangia Micro Stuff Sack
Trangia Micro Stuff SackSmall, high-vis stuffsack for the Trangia Micro.
Foraging Ground Cloth
Foraging Ground ClothThis 53cm x 53cm (21"x21") water resistant waxed canvas ground cloth features a tough canvas/nylon blend material with grommets in the corners on one side, and a cotton foraging print with common North American plants and uses on the other. Designed to be used as a dry sitting/kneeling pad or clean work surface, kindling/firewood bundle carrier, or foraging pouch or bindle, this foraging ground cloth packs up small into a pocket or pack when not in use.
Tracking Ground Cloth
Tracking Ground ClothDesigned to be used as a dry sitting/kneeling pad or clean work surface, kindling/firewood bundle carrier, or foraging pouch or bindle, this 53cm x 53cm (21"x21") water resistant waxed canvas ground cloth features a tough canvas/nylon blend material with grommets in the corners on one side, and a cotton tracking print with common North American animal tracks on the other. It packs up small and compact into a pocket or pack when not in use.
Gränsfors Bruk Swedish Drawknife
Gränsfors Bruk Swedish DrawknifeUsed for debarking and shaping of logs, the Gransfors Bruk Swedish Drawknife features large protruding handles for maximum power and control, and provides the means to plain shallowly, or cut more deeply depending on the angle applied by the user. Comes with a 20 year guarantee.
Gransfors Bruk Froe
Gransfors Bruk FroeThe Gränsfors Bruks Froe is traditionally used to split wood very finely for making roof shingles. The handle is removable, allowing you to pack it in and out of remote locations with ease.
Mueller Extra Long Log Tong
Mueller Extra Long Log Tong Mueller's Extra Long Log Tongs make picking up and maneuvering logs and split wood a breeze! Made of alloyed carbon steel, with ergonomic molded plastic handles, and an extra long neck, they allow for pickup up wood with a lot less bending over - handy when you have several bush cords to process!
RBW Modular Shoulder Straps
RBW Modular Shoulder StrapsRBW's Modular Shoulder Straps are replacement straps designed for use with their "Heritage Line" of packs (Voyageur, Coureur, and Wanigan Harness).
Gransfors Bruk Natural Whetstone
Gransfors Bruk Natural WhetstoneThe Gränsfors Bruk Natural Whetstone is a small, portable field sharpener with 2 grit levels (coarse and fine) that is made from naturally occurring sandstone and slate from Sweden. Includes a veg tanned leather case with strap.
Exped Poncho Tarp
Exped Poncho TarpThis lightweight, multi-purpose ripstop nylon poncho is constructed from 40 denier polyurethane impregnated ripstop nylon, and offers rain protection for you and your pack. The edges are fitted with snaps to allow for closing and venting, it has a detachable waist string for windy conditions, as well as 10 tie out loops so it can be used as a tarp.
Exped Lyra II Tent
Exped Lyra II TentThe Exped Lyra II tent is a two-person, three season tent that features 2 doors and 2 vestibules, is extremely quick and easy to set up, and packs up small and compact, weighing in at a mere 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs). The top portion of the tent is mesh, which makes for excellent ventilation and star gazing on clear nights, and Exped's usual attention to detail and functional touches permeate throughout the tent design and construction.
Lyra II Tent Footprint
Lyra II Tent FootprintThe Exped Lyra II tent footprint is designed as a ground sheet under layer to protect the bottom of the tent from dirt and abrasion, as well providing covered areas in the vestibules to decrease the amount of dirt entering the tent canopy.
Exped Outer Space III Tent
Exped Outer Space III TentThe Exped Outer Space III tent is a three season tent that goes up quick and easy, and is well suited to two to three person use, or can be used for couples with children or pets, as the rainfly provides a large covered area adjacent to the tent that can be configured to provide shelter, or a play space and negate the need of a tarp.
Exped Outer Space III Tent Footprint
Exped Outer Space III Tent FootprintThe Exped Outer Space III tent footprint is a ground sheet under layer to protect the bottom of the tent from abrasion and dirt, and also provides a floor covering for the expansive vestibule.
Recreational Barrel Works Red 60L Canoe Barrel
Recreational Barrel Works Red 60L Canoe BarrelNew for 2024, Recreational Barrel Works now offers Red 60L Canoe Barrels - sturdy, water tight, gasketed, food grade virgin HDPE camp barrels designed to be used with a harness that provides protection for your food and/or gear, keeps critters from getting in, and also serves as a cutting board/prep table, camp table, or camp chair.
Recreational Barrel Works 30L Red Canoe Barrel
Recreational Barrel Works 30L Red Canoe BarrelNew for 2024, the Recreational Barrel Works 30L Red Canoe Barrel is a waterproof container for food or gear, suited to shorter, or one or two person trips. The red 30L barrel can be used with a harness, or stowed in a larger canoe pack, and does triple duty as a cutting board/table/camp stool.
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