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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the phone number/store hours of COEC?+
For phone number, hours of operation and more, visit our Contact Us page.
What is the address of your retail store?+
We're located at 199 Lakeshore Rd E Unit A, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. View on Google Maps


What payment methods do you accept?+
We accept most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept Paypal and Canadian Outdoor Equipment Gift Cards.
Do I have to have an account to make a purchase?+
No, however specifying a password at checkout to create an account will allow you to reap the benefits of membership including the ability to more easily track your order, utilize an address book to manage multiple shipping locations, and more.
Do you charge Sales Tax?+
As a Canadian company, we charge HST and GST where applicable to Canadian customers. International orders are not charged any Canadian taxes.
What is your return/exchange policy?+
For details on how to return or exchange an item, view our Return Policy.
Why am I being asked to call into the store for a shipping quote?+
Certain heavy or oversize items must be shipped by alternative means. Shipping quotes are generated manually in these instances. Certain manufacturers also maintain territorial restrictions for Canadian vs USA and international sales, thereby disallowing shipping between territories in these instances.
Can I change/edit/delete something on my order after placing it ?+

Provided your order has not been packed, it can be changed or cancelled. Please call the store in order to catch our highly efficient packing team before they get to your order. We will reply to emails, but due to the high volumes of emails we receive, we may not see your message in time. Calling us gives us the best chance of changing your order. Leave a message if you are unable to talk to a staff member, and include your name and Order ID#.

Why am I seeing US pricing if I am in Canada?+
If you use a VPN or other software to hide your ip address, our system may not be able to correctly identify you as being in Canada. Also, for Canadians who live very close to the American border, our system be not be able to distinguish which side of the border you are on. In these instances, please do feel free to call the store to place an order manually over the phone.


Do you ship Internationally?+
Yes, we deliver worldwide. For detailed information please view our Shipping Information page.
Do you offer free shipping?+
Yes, we offer free shipping to Canada on orders of $50+ (pre-tax) and free shipping to the United States on orders of $150+. View our Shipping Information page for details.
How long does it take for my order to ship?+

Orders are processed and shipped Monday-Friday within 1-3 business days of being placed, provided there are no issues with payment or inventory. You will be contacted should an issue arise. Upon shipment, you will receive a tracking number by email (check your spam folder if you were expecting one and have not received it). Generation and email of a tracking number indicates order has shipped, and is en route.

Order processing day count begins on the next business day after the order is placed: i.e. Orders placed Tuesday, will ship by Friday. Orders placed Friday will ship by Wednesday.

Certain payment methods (PayPal eCheck) require payments to clear before our receipt of funds, and can take up to 10 business days to do so.

Do you offer curb side pick-up?+
Yes. Simply place your order online, select "Curb Side Pickup" during the checkout process, and once your items have been sent to the store from our warehouse (within 1 - 2 business days) we will contact you to arrange and schedule a pickup time. Please note you will be required to show photo ID at time of pickup.
How do I track an order?+
Your order can be tracked online via our Track an Order page.

Adventure Medical

My kit didn’t come with ____ medication, is it warranty?+
No - Canadian regulation does not allow pharmaceuticals to be sold with medical kits, and must be added after sale by the purchaser.
Are the kits waterproof?+
The Ultralight/Watertight series are waterproof .

Agawa Canyon

Where are Agawa Canyon products made?+
They are designed and assembled in Canada , with global components .
Where are the saw blades made?+
All purpose, dry wood and hunters blades are made in Sweden. Aggressive blade is made in Canada, from Swedish bandsaw steel.
Which saw blade should I choose?+

ALL-PURPOSE / GREEN WOOD: This medium toothed blade has a double pointed raker between sets of cutting teeth, which clears the cutting notch of wood chips and fiber. This popular style cuts green wood but is right at home cutting dry hard and soft woods. Rust protective coating and hardened points make this versatile blade the best choice for most uses and situations.

AGGRESSIVE SIDNEY RANCHER II: The Sidney Rancher II is custom designed and favoured by those seeking an extremely aggressive and long lasting blade. Long sharp edges in a unique pattern of large teeth provide aggressive cutting. This heavy gauge blade will plow through wood. Locally made by craftsmen the Sidney Rancher II features hardened points and push/ pull cutting action.

HUNTERS BLADE: The Hunter's Blade is ideal for cutting through bone or meats. The serrated high quality stainless steel blade stands up to the elements and is easy to clean. This blade is the perfect choice for field dressing of game.

How do I replace the blade?+
The BOREAL blades can be easily replaced - no special tools are needed. Use any sturdy flat surface (knife edge, flat screw driver, key, etc) to remove and replace the pin clips to change the blade.
Is there a warranty?+
Yes - Agawa saws come with a 3 year warranty. Blades are considered consumable products and are not warrantied since they are subject to wear and tear and are expected to have limited life depending on use.

Bushcraft Essentials

Which size stove do I need for a group of __ people ?+
Refer to our Guide on Bushbox stoves here.
Where are Bushbox stoves made?+
Bushbox stoves are made in Germany.
Will the multifunction kit + stove also fit in the leather Bushbox case?+
Yes, they do.


Where are Bahco blades made?+
The Bahco blades carried by COEC are made in the EU (Portugal).
How do I know what size blade I need?+
This is determined by the size of your saw. If it is not specified on the saw, you can measure the distance between the blade connection points on the saw to determine the correct length.
Which blade is best for green/hard/soft wood/processing game in the field?+
Bahco's green/dry wood blade is multi-purpose, and handily covers most sawing tasks one needs to do - including sawing softwoods (trees with needles) and hardwoods (trees with leaves). The dry wood blade is meant for sawing dry hardwoods, and can also be used for processing game (sawing through bone).


Where are the COEC t-shirts made?+
Our hemp/organic cotton t-shirts are woven and sewn in China, and printed in Canada. Unfortunately, little to no hemp processing machinery for textiles still resides in North America, as it was largely sold off during the long period of cannabis prohibition.


Can I use the Casstrom Lars Falt knife for batoning?+
Yes, BUT wood being split should be clean and free from knots and warranty coverage has the following caveats: Scandi grind knives where the blade snaps when used for batoning IS covered under warranty. Scandi grind knives where there is chipping, edge damage, tip damage (last 5mm), spine or handle damage when used for batoning is NOT covered under warranty. All flat grind knives are NOT covered under warranty when used for batoning.
Can I get a left handed sheath?+
COEC carries a variety of sheaths for lefties, but may not have stock of all models at all times. Contact the store to enquire about a left handed Casström sheath.

Cooke Custom Sewing

Why would I choose the 1.1oz over the 1.9oz tarp?+
If keeping your weight down is paramount (especially when hiking, or to a lesser degree canoeing), choosing the 1.1oz over the 1.9oz tarp of equivalent size yields a 35 - 40% weight savings - however - the 1.9oz tarps do have a higher tear strength (15lb tongue tear strength with the 1.9oz vs 12.5lb for the 1.1oz).
How do I set up my tarp?+
There are as many ways to set up tarps as there are stars in the sky. As a starting point, refer to our post on basic tarp knots and set-ups.
Do the tarps come with a stuff sack?+
Yes - all CCS tarps come with a stuff sack, 24m (80 ft) of 450 lb test polyester cord, SilNet seamsealer and an applicator brush (for initial seam sealing before use).
Can I custom order a tarp?/ pack?/ other CCS products?+
Yes - provided timelines align with our ordering schedule , ordering other CCS products not listed on our site is possible. Contact the store to enquire.

Council Tool

Is there a warranty?+
Yes - all Council Tool axes come with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and manufacturing . Please note, this does not cover handles.
Which is better? Gransfors or Council Tool?+
That's a matter of personal preference and opinion - much like asking "what is the best kind of food?". Both companies produce high quality axes with lifetime (or 25 year) warranties. Personal preference for head weight, steel composition , handle style, size, function, form factor and type of work being done will inform decisions as to which company's axes suit one's purposes best. If possible, come to our storefront to hold, handle, and get a feel for both brand's axes to determine your preference.
Can you special order in Council Tool products?+
Possibly, depending on Council's production schedule and availability from Council's Canadian distributor.
I need a replacement handle for my Council Tool Axe - where can I get one?+
Replacement Council Tool handles are here.
I need a replacement sheath for my Council Tool Axe - where can I get one?+
General sheath replacement can be found here. If you're looking for a specific model, do contact us at the store to check available inventory.

Dr. Bronner's

Will the smell attract bears?+
Best practices in bear country is to avoid wearing and using strong scents. To that end, we offer and suggest using unscented Dr.Bronner's soaps while in the backcountry:
Is Dr.Bronner's hypoallergenic?+
Yes! Dr.Bronner's soaps are all natural, vegetable oil based soap and contain no animal products, alcohol, parabens, synthetic fragrance, formaldehyde, phthalates, triclosan or other synthetic ingredients. Dr.Bronner's unscented soap is safe for babies and pets, and is excellent for those experiencing allergies, rashes, redness, or generally sensitive skin.

Esker Hot Tents

Are there floors?+
No - Esker winter hot tents are traditional canvas hot tents that do not use floors. Keeping floors clear of mud and debree and level in winter use with a wood stove can be tricky to impossible, adds weight to the overall tent, can make the whole tent dirty when packing up, and necessitates cutting one's self out of the tent in an emergency situation if the door cannot be accessed. Traditional winter canvas tent users use softwood boughs (where available and allowed) to line the floor of their tents, and many other users use slip resistant coverings and tarpaulins.
Can I order a floor?+
No - floors are unavailable for Esker winter hot tents .
Can I use an Esker tent in the summer?+
Technically, yes, but practically no. As Esker tents are designed as winter hot tents, with only venting and no windows, they can become very hot in summer weather.
Can I order a bug net / window installation for the tent?+
No - Esker winter hot tents are designed for late fall, winter and early spring use - and are not practical in summer or bug season weather.
How do I set up my Esker tent?+
All Esker tents come with set up instructions, and you can find more info on set up here:
Part 1 - Bushcraft Style Tent Setup
Part 2 - Stove Setup
Part 3 - Using a Pole/Base
Can I use my Esker hot tent if there are no trees around?+
Yes - by means of a central pole, and guy line tie-outs.
Can I order an extra stove pipe ring? I’ve damaged mine.+
Yes - Esker makes replacement stove pipe rings that can be installed by use of included velcro - no sewing needed.
Can I use a Classic 2 tent with a Classic stove and visa versa?+
No - Classic 2 tents require the use of an elbow in the pipestack to access their stove pipe rings, and should therefore be paired with Esker Superior 2, Huron 2, or Ontario 2 stoves, or Kni-Co stoves with the "2" variations. These pipestacks contain an elbow piece needed for Classic 2 tent interoperability. Classic tents (non-2 models) do not require an elbow, and therefore can use non "2" model stoves. Non "2" model stoves contain an extra pipe piece in place of the elbow to raise the height of the top of the pipestack when using Esker Classic non-2 tents.

Esker Folding Bucksaws

Will the Esker saws fit in the Frost River saw bag?+
No. While it does fit, it is too tight to be used practically.
Where are Esker saws made?+
Esker bucksaws are made in Ontario, Canada.

Esker Portable Wood Stoves

Can I order extra stove piping? I’ve lost/ damaged mine.+
Yes - pipe sets can be ordered here.
How long should I “burn off” the stove before use in the tent?+
New stoves should be fired up with an initial burn to ensure machining and production oils are burnt off before using in a tent. Keep fire in the stove until the metal changes colour all around the stove box, and the stove box stops smoking (usually for 1⁄2 hr or so).
Is the false bottom necessary for use?+
False bottoms are not strictly necessary, but are strongly recommended to improve performance, and extend the life of your stove.
Do I need a spark arrestor?+
It depends: if using the stove in dry conditions without snow cover, a spark arrestor will reduce the chances of embers accidentally starting a fire, or of landing embers on your tent - however - depending on what species and condition of wood and other combustibles you are burning (bark, pine cones, etc..), along the operation of your stove, creosote can build up in the spark arrestor and impede airflow.
Can I use a Classic 2 tent with a Classic stove and visa versa?+
No - Classic 2 tents require the use of an elbow in the pipestack to access their stove pipe rings, and should therefore be paired with Esker Superior 2, Huron 2, Ontario 2 stoves, or Kni-Co stoves with the "2" variations. These pipestacks contain an elbow piece needed for Classic 2 tent interoperability. Classic tents (non-2 models) do not require an elbow, and therefore can use non "2" model stoves. Non "2" model stoves contain an extra pipe piece in place of the elbow to raise the top of the pipestack when using Esker Classic non-2 tents.


How many strikes are Exotac firesteels rated for?+
Exotac FireRods are rated to 10,000 strikes, while FireRod XL's are rated to 20,000 strikes.
Are there replacement parts for my Exotac firesteel?+
Yes - these can be found here and here.
Are there replacement parts for my Exotac lighter?+
Yes - replacement wicks, flints, gaskets and pins are available here.
My lighter isn’t working, is it defective?+
Not necessarily - operating temperature, o-ring maintenance and correct refuelling procedures can all play a part. Read more about this here.


Is there a warranty?+
Yes - all Exped sleeping mats come with a 2 year limited warranty on materials and workmanship , while Exped sleeping bags warranty is 5 years.
The cells have merged on my mat, is it defective?+
Possibly - one of the high frequency welds may have failed. If you have experienced this with one of our products, contact us to assist in starting a warranty claim.
Which bags/mats are winter rated?+
All bags and mats have insulative R values and temperature ratings in their product descriptions.:
Where are Exped products made?+
Exped products are made in Taiwan, China and South Korea.
Can I custom order Exped products from you?+
Possibly - available stock is dependent on inventory held by Exped's Canadian distributor. Contact us to see what's possible.
How do I use the pump?+
Check out the video on this product.


Is there a warranty?+

Yes - Fenix products fall into one of 3 warranty categories:

Category 1 - Flashlights, headlamps, and bike lights (includes all lights which ship without rechargeable batteries and lights which ship with rechargeable batteries which can be removed from the light): 5 Years on the light, and 1 year on the included rechargeable battery if there is one.

Category 2 - Flashlights, headlamps, and bike lights which ship with a sealed battery pack which cannot be accessed by the customer : 2 years on both the light and battery pack. 6 months of extended warranty are available to Category 1 and 2 users who register their product on the manufacturer's website.

Category 3 - Rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, bike mounts, and remote pressure switch: 1 Year (no extended warranty offered).

Are these lights waterproof?+
Yes - Fenix flashlights are waterproof to various IPX standards as indicated in the product description.
Will my Fenix brand battery work in other manufacturer's lights?+
Possibly, but possibly not: while Fenix does make standard sized li-ion batteries (18650, 21700, etc..) all Fenix batteries also include a protection circuit, which adds to the length of the battery, which may prevent it from fitting into other brand's and products battery chambers.
My light wont turn on, even after I’ve charged it, why?+

Warranty issues with Fenix lights are very rare. If your light is not working, try the following:
1) Ensure the black plastic battery terminal shield has been removed before operating (all lights ship with this to prevent accidental battery drainage).
2) Ensure that both the flashlight head and bottom are screwed on tightly.
3) Ensure battery is charged, and try light with a different battery to ascertain if issue is with light, or battery.
4) Ensure USB cable used for charging directly into flashlight is not compromised or faulty, and is inserted correctly (try a different cord to verify).
5) Clean the battery contacts in the head and tail of the light with rubbing alcohol to remove any buildup of oxides.
If your light is still not working after doing all of the above, contact us to assist with initiating a warranty claim.


What is the hem length of the pants?+
Filson's Mackinaw Wool pants are unhemmed - so you can make them any length you desire from 29" to 35" inseams.
Should I order up a size if I plan to wear base layers under my Filson garment?+
If wearing only with long johns, go with regular size, they have room in them because they're fitted like regular pants. If you'd like additional layers, or the ability to add multiple layers for variability, go up one size.
Are Filson pants / coats water proof ?+
Filson wool pants and jackets are not water proof. However, wool can absorb up to 30% of it's weight in water before feeling wet, and will still insulate when wet.
Are the hats true to size?+
In our experience , we find that Filson hats fit slightly smaller than their stated size - so best practice is to go up one size from your regular hat size (i.e. if you normally wear a medium hat, you may find a large fits better than a medium).
Are the hats waterproof?+
The Filson hats COEC carries are waxed canvas - which is highly water repellant, but not technically waterproof. In practical use, waxed canvas is more than sufficient to protect one in inclement weather.


My Firebox isn’t a perfect square, is it defective?+
No - Firebox stoves, when set up, are trapezoidal, not square. This has to do with the hinge and folding design, and is perfectly normal for the product.
Why are some items listed as made in China? Or made in the USA?+
Firebox has production facilities both in the USA, and in China. All-in-one kits and accessories are made in China, while single stove units are made in the USA.

Frost River

Are the packs waterproof ?+
Frost River packs are highly water resistant, but are not waterproof (very few packs are, as this requires waterproof zippers and the taping of all seams.). Waxed canvas provides excellent material strength and very good water repellency, but to ensure nothing in your pack gets wet ever, we suggest packing your gear using waterproof compression sacks.
Where are the packs made?+
All Frost River packs are made in Duluth, Minnesota, USA.
Can I custom order Frost River products?+
Yes - timelines are impacted by our ordering cycles, but please do contact the store regarding Frost River products not in our listings.


Is it safe to leave in a hot car? Or will it melt together?+
The FORJ resin melts at 59°C - 60°C (138°F to 140°F) and higher so it will bond together if internal vehicle temperatures reach those temperatures (which is possible in direct sunlight). On the bright side, if this happens, you will have created one of the most durable and long lasting hockey pucks in the history of the game.

Gransfors Bruk

Which initials can I get? Can I get LP?+

We have very little control over the smith initials that come with our Gransfors shipments. Generally, smiths will do one or two models of axes only, so our inventory of any particular axe model (Small Forest, Scandinavian, etc..) generally has only one or two smith's initials associated with it each shipment. Unfortunately, we do not have the time nor manpower to sort through our inventory to search out particular smith names for customers.

LP (Lennart Pettersson - famed master smith at Gransfors) is now retired, and has not worked at Gransfors for many years, so there are no more LP stamped axes to be had.

How do I check that my axe head is aligned properly?+
Sight down from the top of the axe with one eye closed such that the blade edge is symmetrical and even on both sides of the blade. Check where the centre point of the blade lies on the knob swell. If the blade edge lies anywhere within the knob swell, your axe is within spec, and made correctly. Very rarely, the blade centre point may lie outside the knob swell - if this is the case, you may have a warranty issue. Please contact us if this is the case.
When is the next shipment coming in?+
We generally receive a few axe shipments per year, but the exact timing is difficult to ascertain due to production schedules and shipping timelines. We can usually provide a ballpark estimation of the arrival of our next shipment by contacting us.
Is there a difference between light and dark handles ?+
No - there is no functional difference between dark (heartwood) and light (sapwood) handles. Despite the cacophony of opinions the internet provides, this topic has been studied and settled decades ago by the United States Dept of Agriculture: Study 1, Study 2.
My axe head looks different than my friends, is it defective?+
No - Gransfors axes are individually made by blacksmiths and ground by hand, so no two are completely identical. Variances are part of what makes each axe unique and one of a kind.
Which axe do I need for (this specific) job?+
Gransfors axes fall into several categories for use: felling, splitting, limbing, etc..The best model of axe for one's purposes is a combination of it's intended design purpose, plus a host of other factors: handle length, head weight, where it's being used (around the house, or out in the bush), the user's height and weight, portability, etc.. If you are unsure about which axe is best for you, please do contact us to assist you with narrowing your choices.
Can I get a replacement sheath?+
Yes - Gransfors replacement sheaths are available here.
I need a new handle, can you replace it for me?+
Yes - in addition to our maintenance and sharpening services , we also offer handle installation as a service. Contact us here for more info.
Which is better? Gransfors or Council Tool?+
That's a matter of personal preference and opinion - much like asking "what is the best kind of food?". Both companies produce high quality axes with lifetime (or 25 year) warranties. Personal preference for head weight, steel composition , handle style, size, function, form factor and type of work being done will inform decisions as to which company's axes suit one's purposes best. If possible, come to our storefront to hold, handle, and get a feel for both brand's axes to determine your preference.
Will this Gransfors Bruk sheath fit my non-Gransfors Bruk axe?+
Probably not - Gransfors sheaths are made to fit the specific countours, size and shape of Gransfors axe heads. A better choice would be a more general purpose sheath.
Will this Gransfors Bruk handle fit my non-Gransfors Bruk axe?+

Maybe - this is dependent on the size and shape of the eye (hole that handle inserts into). There is no standardization with axe eyes - some are round, some oval, some teardrop shaped. If the Gransfors handle is larger than your eye, it can be shaved down to fit, but handles that are smaller, or a different shape than the eye cannot be secured properly to the axe head.

Check out our Gransfors Bruk Replacement Handle Interoperability Guide to determine if a Gransfors Bruk handle will work with your non-Gransfors axe.

GV Snowshoes

How do I care for my traditional snowshoes ?+
Traditional snowshoe maintenance involves re-varnishing yearly or bi-yearly (easily do-able in a shed or garage), and repairing the babiche (hide) lacing if necessary.
Which snowshoes are best for me?+
Selecting the size and style of snowshoe best suited to your purposes in involves your weight, and the terrain you'll be snowshoeing on - more info here.
What is the weight capacity for the snowshoes ?+
Please see this blog post.

Helle Knives

Where are Helle knives made?+
Since 1932, all Helle knives have been made in a small factory located in Holmedal Norway.
Why is my laminate steel blade crooked/bent? Is it defective?+
No - laminate steel is designed to be flexible, and can be bent both out of shape, and back into shape. The softer outer layers surrounding the inner hard steel prevent the hard core steel from snapping or breakage when lateral forces are applied. Helle's laminate steels are not designed for prying, or blunt force impact (batoning).
What kind of steel are the Helle knives made of?+
Helle knives are made from either H3LS (Helle triple laminated stainless steel), H3LC (Helle triple laminated carbon steel), Sandvik 12C27, Sandvik 14C28N, or Uddeholm Sleipner Steel. More info here.
What is a Scandinavian grind?+

COEC knife grinds graphic

Scandinavian grind consists of a single bevel with no secondary edge or bevel (zero grind) usually from 15 - 30 degrees. Most of the knives COEC sells have Scandinavian grinds at around 22 degrees. Developed over a thousand years in Scandinavia (hence it's name) Scandinavian ground knives can take a very keen edge, are useful for a variety of uses (carving, whittling, skinning, game prep, utility use, etc..) and are easy to sharpen due to it's single angle.

What is a Flat Grind?+

COEC knife grinds graphic

A flat grind consists of an initial bevel that extends down the whole blade face, and a secondary bevel on the blade edge. Due to it's thinner profile, flat grinds excel at slicing and are useful for hunting, skinning or food prep purposes , but are not well suited to wood working applications.

Can you send me photos of the knives before purchasing?+
Possibly - store staff may be busy dealing with in -store customers , so it may take some time (up to a few days), but provided you can be patient, we are open to trying to provide images of a few different knives to assist online purchasers with their selection. Contact us here to enquire.
Is there a warranty?+
Helle knives have a lifetime warranty, against manufacturing and material defects.
Can I baton with Helle knives?+
It depends - it can be done, but will void your warranty. Partial tang, stick tang, and laminate steel blades are not designed for batoning. In these cases, you're better to use the tool designed for splitting wood: an axe or hatchet. In the case of full tang, non-laminate blades, they can be used to baton when done correctly, but as it is very easy to do incorrectly (and end up with chipped edges, broken/cracked handles, shifted scales, etc..) in all cases, Helle's lifetime warranty does not cover knives that have been batoned with.
Which Helle knife is best for youths?+
Which Helle knife is best for beginners?+
Whats the difference between carbon and stainless steels?+
Refer to our article on Helle knife steels here.
Can I purchase replacement sheaths?+
Yes- we usually have most replacement sheaths. Call us at the store (905-990-1750) or email support for more information.
Can I purchase left handed sheaths?+
Currently Helle does not make left handed sheaths, some models may fit in the left handed Casstrom sheaths, or the TBS Multicarry sheaths that can come left handed. Please check the product descriptions of the sheaths for maximum lengths they can accommodate, and contact us to verify fit before purchase.
What is a half tang knife/blade?+

Helle knife tang styles

Some of Helle's knives (Temagami, Wabakimi) have a full-length tang that is only visible on the spine side of the handle. Wood covers the blade towards the finger. This is especially good in bitter cold climates and conditions to help keep fingers away from cold steel, while providing the strength of a full tang blade.

What is a full tang knife/blade?+

Helle knife tang styles

A full tang is when the tang portion extends the full length of the handle with nearly the same dimensions as the blade. The tang will be visible to the eye on both the spine and grip sides of the handle.

What is a stick tang knife/blade?+

Helle knife tang styles

A stick tang knife features a tang that is a tapered, thinner steel piece going all the way to the end of the handle where it is locked in position. Helle uses a brass butt that is riveted in position by hand. Stick tangs (aka rat tail tags) are the traditional blade tangs of Scandinavian knives.

What is a partial tang knife/blade?+

Helle knife tang styles

Partial tangs extend only part way through the length of the handle, and help to keep the weight of the knife to a minimum.

My leather sheath is loose, how do I fix it?+

Leather sheaths can stretch over time, this is totally normal, and easy to fix at home.

Simply get a bucket of hot water (hand hot ,not boiling ) and dip your sheath in there for 15 seconds or so - just enough that it starts to feel a bit floppy but not drenched . It just needs to take in a bit of the hot water to be malleable.

Place your knife in the sheath, and sort of squish/mould the sheath around it, reforming the sheath to the knife, then take the knife out and place the sheath somewhere warm to dry (by a wood stove, a radiator, vent etc) and let it dry completely (usually overnight ) - be sure to dry your knife off too, and apply any oil as needed, especially if it's carbon steel.

Once the sheath is completely dry you need to moisturize the leather again to prevent cracking. We like to use Knife and Axe Sheath Cream.


Can I order an extra liner?+
Yes, we have replacement liners for the Falt Guide Gloves.
Are Hestra gloves waterproof?+
No - they are highly water repellant. Waterproofing products with seams requires taping all seams. Hestra's gloves are treated with leather balm (and come with a small tube for re-treatment), which provides excellent water repellency, and is completely adequate for almost any situation, save for being in a downpour all day.
Do Hestra gloves need to be treated at all?+
Hestra's gloves come pre-treated, but do require applications of leather balm to keep them water repellant. The frequency of re-treating depends on wear and use patterns. For most customers, once or twice per year will usually suffice.
I'm in The United States, why can't I order Hestra from you?+
Certain suppliers (Hestra included) maintain territorial integrity and division for their brands and retailers. We respect this approach , and as such, direct our American customers to source an American retailer for their Hestra products.

Hides in Hand

Where are Hide in Hand products made?+
Hides in Hand produces their products in Rockwood, Ontario.
Do I need to treat my gloves/mitts?+
Moose and deer is naturally water repellent, but to increase water repellency effectiveness, and provide longer lasting coverage, we do suggest using a leather balm or treatment to re-treat your mitts periodically, such as Knife & Axe's Sheath Cream.
Can I get an extra liner?+
While we don't have replacement liners, we do sell Woolpower mitts, which make an excellent and warm mitt liner.
My liner has thinned out, how do I fix it?+
The acrylic liners that come with Hides in Hand mitts are good insulators when new, and fluffed up. As one wears the mitts, the sweat and salt from your hands can compress and mat down the liner. This is easily remedied by putting the liners through a washing machine and dryer to clean and fluff up again.
My mitt/glove has worn down and needs repaired, can I get it repaired?+
If the leather has worn down, the mitt/glove has been well used and loved, and this is considered to be general wear and tear. Seams that need repairing can be sent back for repair to the manufacturer.
Is there a warranty? Whats covered?+
All mitts and gloves come with a 30 day return or exchange offered by the manufacturer. If you feel you are experiencing issues that go beyond wear and tear to a materials or manufacturing defect, please do contact us to assist.


What do Katadyn filters filter out?+
Katadyn filters filter out bacteria (E-coli, Salmonella) protozoa (Giardia, Cryptosporidia) and cysts. Katadyn's water purification systems are designed to remove living biological pathogens, and will not remove heavy metals, chemical contaminants , or pollutants.
Will a standard water filter filter out viruses ?+
No - viruses are very small, and are usually treated chemically, or require specialized screens to filter out mechanically. Fortunately, viruses are not usually present in backcountry or wilderness areas in Canada. Viruses are parasitic, and as such, require living cells as hosts to propagate, which means you’re far more likely to run into them in populated areas, or in outlying regions of high density urban centres where insufficient treatment of sewage may pose a problem.
How often do I need to replace my filter?+
It depends how often you use it. Water filters are rated for how many litres of water they can process before requiring changing - from 1000 - 5000L depending on filter model.
How do I clean my filter?+

It depends on the model and filter type. Please refer to Katadyn's user guides here:
Gravity Filters
Vario Filters
Pocket Filters

Where are Katadyn filters made?+
Katadyn filters are made in Switzerland.

Kelly Kettle

Can I get a titanium version?+
Titanium kits are not currently available from Kelly Kettle .
Is there a warranty?+
Kelly Kettle offers a limited 2-year warranty on their products. Under their limited warranty, Kelly Kettle will provide replacement for a component that they find to be defective in materials or workmanship and the costs of labour associated with the repair of the Kettle. Any component they replace will be covered by the initial two (2) year warranty period applicable to the Kettle you originally purchased. Warranty only applies to the original purchaser, and is non transferable .
Can I store water in my kettle?+
Kelly Kettles are not designed to be used as water bottles or water transport because they are not leak proof at the spout- even with the stopper in. When filled with water, the Kelly Kettle should always be carried in an upright position to avoid any spillage/leakage from the water spout or chimney top. The chimney tops are not checked for water-tightness. Hence, if you were to fill the kettle and plug the water spout to try and carry water within a pack, water may leak into your pack.

Klean Kanteen

Are Klean Kanteen products dishwasher safe?+
Yes - save for Klean Kanteen's "Reflect" model bamboo caps, all other bottles and caps are dishwasher safe.
Can I boil water in my Klean Kanteen?+
Possibly, but it is not recommended , and is not covered under warranty. If you're looking for a water bottle without a vertical seam that you can boil water in, check out the Nalgene Stainless Steel water bottle, and leave your Klean Kanteen products for transport, and keeping the contents hot or cold.

Kni-Co Stoves

Whats the difference between Kni-Co and Esker Stoves?+
Esker stoves are made by Kni-Co to the same exacting standards, but feature "Snow Float" legs that allow for the use of poles or stave to be run under the body of the stove to provide support and stability when using on surfaces that may melt (snow/ice).
Can I order replacement pipes for my stove?+
Yes - we carry replacement pipe sets here.
Can I order a larger stove that you don’t carry in store?+
Possibly depending on shipment deadlines and stock availability. Please contact us so we can look into this for you.
My stove is rusting after one season, is it defective?+
No - Kni-Co stoves are made from carbon steel, and will only look shiny and pristine before their initial burn. The cold rolled steel Kni-Co uses will provide decades of reliable use when maintained correctly. Please see our helpful how to guide for caring for your stove.
My stove is warping after one use, is it defective?+
No - the steel Kni-Co uses and design they employ strikes a balance between steel thickness and weight. For a stove to have zero warp, it would require the steel to be orders of magnitude thicker - which would increase the weight substantially - which defeats the purpose of a portable wood stove. Kni-Co stove boxes can experience a degree of warping on one or more of it's faces over their life cycle, but this is no way effects their functionality. To mitigate warp on the initial burn, build the fire in such as way so as to spread out the flame: do not pile all wood in one spot, and create a hot spot at the top of the pile that is directed at the underside of the top face of the stove box.
My false bottom warped after one use, is it defective?+
No - a certain amount of warping is normal. To design a false bottom that doesn't warp would require steel that is much thicker - driving up the weight and cost. Any source of intense heat (like a flame) can cause steel to warp - that is the indented purpose of the false bottom; without the false bottom protecting your stove bottom, it would be your stove bottom warping instead of the false bottom.
Which stove do I need if I have a different brand of tent?+
Send us some info about your tent (stove jack height, stove jack location, stove jack size, and tent size (length, width, height) and we'll do our best to suggest a stove:

Knife & Axe

Are the products food safe?+
Yes - all Knife & Axe products are non-toxic and their blade and wood oil is food safe: it can be used on cutting boards, wooden spoons, knife blades for food prep, etc.
Will the smell attract bears?+
It depends how hungry the bears are. ;) We've not had a problem to date, but any animal be it skunk, racoon, mice or bears can become pests if food is scarce and your freshly maintained knife sheath is available - hence the importance of keeping your food stuffs separated and from your sleeping area, and stowed securely in a scent free container.


Where are Kupilka products made?+
All Kupilka products are made in Pyytivaara near Kontiolahti, Finland.
Are Kupilka products biodegradable ?+
Kupilka products are not biodegradable but they are designed for life, thus reducing the carbon footprint. At the end of the life span the products can be recycled , incinerated for heat energy or returned to the manufacturer for re-use.
Are Kupilka items dishwasher safe?+
Yes. Kupilka products can be washed in the dishwasher, or by hand.

Recreational Barrel Works

What are the dimensions of the 60L barrel opening?+
The barrel opening is 32.25 cm (12 11/16") in diameter.
What are the dimensions of the lids? Will they fit my non RBW barrel?+
The lids have a gasket that resides in a 1.25cm recess with a 33cm (13") diameter, with an overall outside diameter of 36.75cm (14.5"). We cannot advise as to interoperability with other barrels due to the number of barrels on the market, but if you are in the greater Toronto area, and want to bring your barrel in to check, we'd be happy to assist.
Are RBW barrels bear proof?+
No - while RBW barrels are waterproof, and scent proof (due to the lidded gasket), if a bear wanted to get into one, it could.
Are RBW barrels food safe?+
Yes - RBW barrels are BPA free food grade barrels that can be used for water/food storage directly.
How many barrel buckets will fit in a 20L/30L/60L barrel?+

60L: 3 large sized barrel buckets.
30L: 3 barrel buckets
20L: 2 barrel buckets

How many external pouches fit on a 20L/30L/60L barrel?+

External Barrel Pouches : 60L: 5 without a harness, 3 with. 30L: 3 with a harness. 20L: 2 with a harness

Extra Large Barrel Pouch: 60L: 3 without a harness, 2 with. 30L: 2 with a harness. 20L : 1 with a harness.

Where are they made?+
RBW blue barrels are made in the United Kingdom from virgin materials. RBW red barrels are made in China from virgin materials.
Do people even use tump lines anymore? Aren't they kind of old fashioned?+

Tump lines are an ancient technology, but are still in use by various peoples and cultures all over the world to this day. Tumps are still used because they work well and are effective: shifting a load down through the spine of the wearer, onto the hips and legs, where heavy loads are able to be borne much more effectively and easily.

While frames in packs provide a similar function (transferring weight down the frame and onto the hips), tumps are ideal for when portaging packs or loads that are not as tall or don't run the length of the back. Most packs without frames (Frost River, RBW) allow for the use of tumps, and all framed RBW packs allow for use of either a frame, or tump, or both in conjunction.

For those unfamiliar with their use, the tump needs to be worn towards the top of the head when in use - not on the forehead - which puts the load onto the neck and neck muscles - not where it ought to be, and opening up the wearer to increased chances of strain and injury. Instead, having the tump situated at the top of the head distributes the weight down the back and spine and onto the hips. Leaning forward slightly and grabbing each tump line above the shoulders helps to create a balancing "sweet spot", where quite heavy loads can be carried without feeling like there's a ton of weight pulling back on shoulders or neck (especially after longer distances).

Using a tump can require an adjustment period, and should be done cautiously initially, so as not to injure oneself, but once you've had the chance to experience what a tump line can do, we suspect it will become part of your portage gear and routines.


Is there an R rating for the Savotta sleeping mat?+
There currently is no R rating for the Savotta Mat.
Does the ____ rain cover fit the ____ pack with pouches attached?+
Yes - Savotta rain pouches are not tailored to the exact width of a pack, so external pouches can be added, and the rain cover will still be able to slip over the pack.
Can you order in the happy / angry firebox?+
No - we are unable to bring in the Savotta Twig stoves due to trademark issues in North America.
Can you order the saunas?+
No, we are unable to bring in the Savotta Saunas, as they do not comply with Canadian fire regulations as regards tents.
How many pouches can fit on the (S,M,L,XL) Savotta pack?+
Lots - there are many sizes and styles of pouches , so we are unable to test and provide info about every possible configuration. If you have something specific in mind, and would like an answer, do contact us and we can advise.
Are any of the pouches big enough to hold bear spray?+
Yes - all sizes of side pouches, as well as large vertical, and medium or large horizontal side pouches will hold a canister of bear spray.
If I attach MOLLE pouches to the side of my pack, can I still access the elastic pockets on the side?+
Yes - although not the largest pouches. For example , with a Jaakari M pack , attaching a 4L side pouch, or small or medium vertical pouches still allows access into the elastic side pockets.
Is there a warranty on Savotta products?+
All Savotta products are covered by a material and workmanship warranty for up to 10 years. The length of the warranty period for each specific product is stated on the retail packaging , and on our product descriptions. The warranty expiry date is calculated from the date on which the product is purchased.
Can I add different straps to the Jaakari S Day pack?+
No - unfortunately the straps on the Jaakari S day pack are not interchangeable .
Is the hip belt on the XL Jaakari adjustable?+


Are silky blade flexible?+
They are somewhat flexible, but are not designed to be bent like regular hand saw blades, or they may break.
Will new silky blades fit my older silky saw?+
Which silky blade is best for field dressing wild game?+
Blades with smaller teeth are best for cutting through bone for field dressing , such as the Gomboy Outback Saw.
Is there a warranty? Is my broken blade covered?+
Silky saws have a materials and workmanship warranty, but broken blades are not covered by this warranty. Every blade is thoroughly inspected before leaving the factory, and in our experience, broken blades are the result of improper use (bending the blade to try to release it from being pinched, or jamming the blade into the kerf to quickly on the push stroke, thereby bending and snapping the blade), as opposed to a fault with the blade materials or production.
I’ve lost the screw / nut that holds the blade to the handle, can I get a replacement?+
Yes! Contact us for further information. We may have some spares in stock or can possibly order them in.

TBS Outdoor

Can you special order other TBS knives?+
Yes - although timing would be dependent on when we are slated to receive a regular stocking order from TBS.
Is there a warranty?+
All TBS Knives have a lifetime Guarantee against any defect in manufacturing, material and workmanship, but does not cover abuse, tampering or neglect. TBS knives are not designed to be used as axes, hammers, throwing knives, pry bars, screwdrivers or any other non-knife functions.
If I am left/right handed , which side do I mount the multimount sheath on?+
Generally speaking, right handed people will wear their knives on their right hip, and left handed people will wear theirs on the left.
Can I baton with my TBS knife?+
Yes - although it should be done with care, and not an anything thicker than your wrist.

Thomas Flinn

Which saw will work best for me?+
It depends on a number of factors: how many people are using the saw, whether you're cutting hardwood/softwood, the diameter of the trees/logs, etc....Shoot us a line with your particulars so we can assist.
Can I order auxiliary handles?+
Yes! We have both the one man crosscut auxiliary handles and the two man crosscut auxiliary handles. Please contact us for ordering.
How do I sharpen and care for my saw?+
Thomas Flinn saws are made from carbon steel, so periodic oiling to mitigate rust is necessary. Sharpening the teeth with a file will need also doing periodically (how often depends how much use the saw is getting), and over time, the saw teeth may need re-setting. Two excellent USDA guides and resources to all things crosscut saws are located here: Crosscut Saw Manual and Saws That Sing: A Guide to Using Crosscut Saws


Does Trangia still make the pour spout fuel bottles? Can I order them?+
Trangia does still make the fuel bottles with the pour spouts, but unfortunately they are not available for sale in Canada, due to pre-pandemic changes in regulations for fuel alcohol bottle lids and dispensers.
What do the codes on cooksets mean?+

Trangia's cooksets are divided into 2 main series: the 27 series, which are smaller and good for one to two people, and the 25 series, which are larger and good for 2 - 4 people. The other number (27-1, 25-2, etc..) refers to the specific model. Please note: even numbered models include kettles (-2, -4, etc..), whereas odd number models do not (-1, -3, etc..). Please refer to info graphic below:
Trangia Cookset Code Matrix

Is it safe to cook on aluminum?+

Yes - while a hypothesis of a link between aluminum use and Alzheimers was suggested in the 1960's, almost 60 years later there has been no credible scientific evidence to support causation, or even a verified link between aluminum and Alzheimers: Is the Aluminum Hypthesis Dead?

Also, check out what the Alzheimer's Society of Canada has to say about it.

Can I use my Trangia pots/pans/kettle on an open fire?+
Yes - provided there is something in them, and they are not put on a fire dry. We do not suggest putting non-stick pots or pans on an open fire, due to the less than precise temperature control a fire provides.
Will the handle for the kettle melt if I use it on open fire?+
No - unless you're putting the kettle into the fire, and flames are licking around the whole kettle (we do not suggest doing this). We've used our kettles over camp fires for over a decade with no issues.
What are these circle marks in my Trangia sauce pans?+
The circle marks are gradients, and provide marks for volume measures - no need to take a measuring cup with you!
Should I wash my Trangia before use?+
Yes - hand washing with soap and water is recommended . For extra washing power, use green abrasive kitchen scrubbers or a scotch-brite sponge, but not on your non-stick pots which have a more sensitive surface.
Is it dishwasher safe?+
It's not recommended. Dishwasher detergent is too strong and can cause staining and and a rough surface on aluminum. If you've already used it, it's still safe to use after.
Is there a warranty?+
All Trangia Products are covered by a one-year warranty as well as a three-year guarantee according to consumer sale act. Trangia's warranty only covers manufacturing defects. it does not cover any faults arising from modification or incorrect use or misuse. If you think you have a warranty please contact us, with your original order number, and some pictures of the issue.


What happened to Wetterlings?+
Wetterlings ceased production of the Wetterlings brand in 2017 as their forges were purchased by Gransfors Bruk. They are now used as a secondary Gransfors production site.
Will this GFB handle / sheath fit my Wetterlings head?+
Probably not - send us some photos of your axe head and eye (with measurements ) to and we'll do our best to find one that fits.

Wilderness Paddle Works

How do I know what size of paddle I need?+
Refer to our size guide here
Which wood type is best for portaging?+
We assume this question has to do with paddle weight, as paddles are usually either lashed to the canoe when carrying it, or carried by a party member on the portage. Ash is lighter than cherry, but in the case of a paddle, not significantly so (5% weight difference in same size and style paddles). If you are removing toothbrush bristles to save weight however, an ash paddle will save you bit of weight as well.
How do I care for my paddle?+
Avoid grinding the end of the paddle into rocks and stones while in your canoe . Your paddle will need periodic re-varnishing (with SPAR urethane marine varnish) and re-oiling (Knife & Axe Wood Oil is our oil of choice) from time to time depending on the amount of use it receives.
Whats the difference between otter tail and beaver tail paddles?+
Beavertail paddles have wide blades and push a good deal of water in each stroke - good for paddlers who want the most power per stroke, or for those paddling in the bow (front) of the canoe. Ottertails are more slender, and have their widest point near the surface of the water (as opposed to the bottom of the blade with beaver tails) which makes them easier to handle and less fatiguing when doing the j-stroke, and as such are ideal for those in the stern (back) of the canoe, or solo paddlers.
Can you customize my paddle for me?+
Unfortunately no - but most sign makers have laser engraving capabilities for personalizing paddles.


Are the prospector tents waterproof?+
No - there are water resistant. The canvas material will swell, and block water from penetrating, but it is possible when raining long or hard enough to overload the canvas's ability to shed water, so prospector tents should be used with a secondary tarp or fly over the main tent.
Can I use a wood stove in my tent?+
Yes - but only the industrial tents are treated to be used with a wood stove.
Is there a pole kit available for the Woods/ICP tents?+
Pole kits are no longer available for the prospector tents. Many customers have harvested small trees and created their own poles, or some choose to make an internal frame from dimensional lumber.
Are there instructions for making an internal frame?+
No official instructions, but internal frames can be built from 2x4's-- please follow a guideline to allow 7% shrinkage of the canvas material when building an internal frame.
Do I need to use a tarp with my tent?+
It is recommended tents exposed 80% of the time to the elements be tarped. It is recommended that all tents left unattended for a week or more be loosened and tarped.
Can I buy a floor for the tent?+
No, there are no floors available for the prospector tents.
I’m trying to order online, but it says to call the store, why?+
There are many options and timelines for prospector tents that need to be discussed before purchasing . In addition to that, they require special shipping instructions. In this case, it's easier to call the store to sort out the details.
Are there bug nets?+
The industrial prospector tents come with bug screens on both the rear window and the front door.
What are ICP prospector tents made of?+
The standard model is made of 10oz unbleached cotton duck fabric that is treated for mold and mildew resistancy. The industrial is made of 17.6oz heavy duty unbleached cotton duck fabric which hs been treated for mold, mildew and is fire rated as per Canadian tent regulations.
Are they treated against water, fire, mold, mildew?+
Standard tents are treated for both water repellency and rot resistancy. Industrial tents are treated for water repellency, rot resistance, and flame retardancy.
Do I need to retreat my canvas?+
No - but cleaning it periodically, especially if there's mold or mildew will keep the canvas is good condition. We suggest Esker's Canvas Tent Cleaner.


Do I need to go up a size if layering?+
Generally no - both base and mid-layers are generally the same size in the vast majority of cases.
Is Woolpower stretchy?+
Woolpower does have a slight stretch to it, because of the synthetic/wool blend.
Is Woolpower itchy?+

Woolpower is not itchy and can be worn directly against the skin. The threshold for rigidity of the wool fibres to start poking as opposed to bending against the skin happens at 28 microns or above. Fine merino wool fibres are between 17 and 23 microns.

For the vast majority of people, Woolpower products are not itchy - however, if you have extremely sensitive skin, you may find even merino wool too coarse to wear. If in the greater Toronto Area, please do stop by our shop to feel and try on the products for yourself.

Is there a warranty?+
Woolpower stands behind its products for durability and quality. If you experience any issues with zippers, or seams or other faulty manufacturing or defects, please do contact us and we will help facilitate a warranty claim. Please note that regular wear and tear, damage due to insects (moths), chafing, or pilling of the wool is not covered under warranty.
Where is Woolpower made?+
All Woolpower garments are made responsibly in Sweden. The wool itself is sourced from non-mulesing merino sheep in Patagonia. The wool is then washed and dyed in Germany before it's spun in Romania, and then sent to Woolpower's factory in Östersund Sweden.
Whats the difference between the LITE and the 200g?+
LITE and 200g almost have the same garment weight. The main difference is that LITE is flat woven, meaning it features no terry loops. The 200g does feature terry knit loops, which traps your body's naturally escaping heat to help keep you warmer. If you are engaging in aerobic activities (jogging, skiing, etc..) we suggest the LITE material. If you want to be as warm as possible with your base layer, choose the 200g.
Which weight do you recommend for me?+

Woolpower has general recommendations for their layers in certain climates/ activities, but it doesn't take into consideration how susceptible you are personally to the cold, your hydration levels, diet, etc..and therefore should only be used as a general rule of thumb.

Woolpower LITE has all the properties need to keep you warm in cool climates/ shoulder seasons, but also helps to regulate your body temperature in warmer climates by wicking away moisture. LITE can be warn as a base layer under thicker layers, or on its own during strenuous or aerobic activity.

Ullfrotte original 200g is a base layer that features terry knit loops, that help to trap the natural escaping heat from your body. Has the same functionality as LITE, but works better in colder conditions thanks to the terry knit loops.

400g - n excellent mid layer, that also features the terry knit loops. Pair it with a LITE or 200g base layer for extra warmth on the colder days, or wear it as an outer layer during mild/shoulder seasons.

600g - Ideal for extreme cold climates, or people who are stationary for long periods of time (sitting in a hunting blind, or ice fishing hut for example.)

Is Woolpower waterproof ?+
No - however wool can hold 30% of its weight in water, and will help you to retain body heat, even when wet.
Do you carry the fireproof Woolpower ?+
No, currently we do not carry the FR Protection line from Woolpower.
Does Woolpower shrink?+
Woolpower may contract a little after washing, but they will not shrink to any extent (or change sizes). There's a bit of stretch in the garments so should they contract, they will confirm to your body the next time you put them on - much like a pair of jeans that will tighten up after washing and drying but slack out once being worn again.
How do I clean / care for my Woolpower?+
Thanks to merino wool’s self cleaning properties, you will not need to wash your Woolpower garments as often as your regular clothes. When you do machine wash Woolpower garments, you can wash them at water temperatures up to 60 (140 ) and tumble dry them at medium heat in a dryer. This ensures bacterial growth that thrives in temperatures between 20 and 40 (68 and 104 ) will be eliminated. These washing parameters are the military and industrial standard. Mild soap based detergent is recommended. Woolpower Fabric Wash (which re-imparts lanolin into the wool) is available. Garments may contract slightly after washing and drying, but will reform to the body once they are worn again.
Why would I choose Woolpower over another brand?+
Woolpower is responsibly made in Sweden, and uses only mulesing -free merino wool in it's production. Not only do they ensure that their employees have safe working environments , and fair rates of pay, but they are also environmentally conscious and minimize their supply chain, and the waste that is produced by their products. This means that they’re taking the necessary steps to reduce their environmental impact. The waste produced is turned into additional products (like the felt wool insoles and the sit pads) reducing the amount of textiles ending up in the landfills.
Which size of Woolpower liner mitt will work for me? Which size of Woolpower do I need if I have a (x) size gauntlet / moose mitt?+
Generally the rule of thumb for sizing these mitts is as follows: if you want to use the acrylic pile liner that comes with the moose/deer hide mitt, with the Woolpower liner as well, you would go up two sizes.If you plan on removing the pile liner, and wearing with only the woolpower liner, one size up is generally the case. The Medium Woolpower mitt roughly corresponds to size 7-9, while the large Woolpower mitt roughly corresponds to size 9-11.


How do I know which size/model I need?+
Please refer to the sizing chart on the product page. Please note that ZlideOn is a fairly new product, and while they're working on creating a replacement for every zipper pattern/size, the one you need may not be available yet. Should you need further sizing clarification feel free to contact us.

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