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Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Whether cooking on a fire or using a stove, the right cooking equipment helps make cooking outdoors a highlight of any outdoor adventure.

COEC's Choice in Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Types of Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Camping Stoves Cooking over an open camp fire is synonymous with camping, but not always practical. A portable stove ensures you're able to boil and cook no matter what.
Trangia Stoves Our Swedish made Trangia cooksets offer quality, durable, dependable integrated stove and pot sets that make packing in, setting up, cooking and then stowing gear straightforward, quick and easy.
Water Filtration Water borne illness is no fun. Keep happy memories of that hiking or canoe trip by using a water filtration system.
Camping Cups, Bowls & Utensils Cups, bowls, sporks, and utensils for preparing and enjoying meals outdoors.
Campfire Implements Campfire implements include tripods, grills, reflector ovens and other useful tools and devices for cooking and using campfires or open fires effectively.
Camping Cookware Ever try boiling water without a pot or kettle? A set of camping pots and pans or a good kettle goes a long way to keeping everyone on your trip fed, watered, and happy.
Fuel Containers Fuel containers for carrying fuel into the bush to power your stove. Pressurized and non-pressurized styles available.

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About Outdoor Cooking Equipment

While getting closer to nature is one of the driving forces behind getting outdoors, there's no denying that meals prepared and eaten outdoors are some of the best meals that can be had. Whether cooked over a fire, or using a stove, cooking is one of these stripped down essential tasks that can become one of the highlights of your time outdoors - especially in cold or inclement weather. Having methods of carrying and purifying water goes hand in hand with cooking, the keeping of a camp kitchen, and staying hydrated. After proper clothing and a good cutting tool, means of boiling water and cooking food are some of the most essential pieces of kit.

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