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Types of Shop By Activity

Back-Country Camping Gear Back country trips require one to take along any and all pieces of gear, equipment and clothing one may need - daunting for the uninitiated, but an experience that brings with it one of the best feelings of freedom and liberation to be had.
Car Camping Gear Car camping is one of the more traditional ways that Canadians begin their adventures outdoors. It provides access to being in nature while providing a few creature comforts for the initiated.
Canoeing/Kayaking Gear Canoe and kayak trips, like other backcountry trips, allow one to roam over huge geographic areas and access landscapes that are inaccessible via any other method.
Bushcraft Gear Bushcraft (done properly) seeks to work within the confines of one’s environment, while simultaneously providing comfort, solace and self-satisfaction.
Hiking Gear Hiking slows the pace of the modern world to the walking stride of the trail - and allows one to take in the flora and fauna that one travels in and through, fully immersed in their environment.
Fishing Gear Any fisherperson will tell you - amazing weather is great, but not if you want to catch fish. Dealing with rain, and temperature swings are key to reeling in a good day’s catch.
Outdoor Work Gear Those who work outdoors are some of the truest outdoors people there are. While recreational users can change plans, or modify routes, those who work outdoors live it - day in and day out.
Hunting Gear Hunting makes many demands on it’s participants: long hours in blinds or stands, the variability of weather and temperatures, as well as the whims and impulses prey. Warm clothes, sharp knives and functional tools are the hallmark of a successful hunt.
Boating Gear A good strong light, warm clothes, and means for staying organized are a boater’s best friends - and we’ve got you covered!
Homesteading Gear Having the right tool for the job, and being able to maintain and repair them is key to any homesteading endeavour - we’ve got high quality, high functioning tools that along with the land and buildings, one can be passed down to future generations .
Winter Camping Gear Winter can be one of the most amazing, beautiful, magical and comfortable times of the year to go out: provided you’ve got the right gear to make it happen. The Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co is your best source for all things hot tenting and winter camping.
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