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Billy Tins

Billy tins, billy pots, billy cans - whatever you call them, they're a bushcraft staple, and our Zebra stainless steel billy containers are as good as they get.
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Products 1 to 6 of 6

About Billy Tins/Billy Cans

Billy tins (aka billy cans, billy containers, billy pots) are much loved by bushcraft enthusiasts, as they provide an easy method for boiling or cooking over an open fire. Our Trangia billies feature Trangia’s UL ultra-light aluminum alloy construction, and can be used as stand alone items, or as part of the Trangia 25 and 27 series cooksets. Our high quality stainless steel Seagull billies are available in 4 different size configurations, feature an interior dish that can be used as a frypan, plate, or bowl, and a looped handle for use over a fire.

Our Billy Tins/Billy Cans

We stock only the best in Billy Tins/Billy Cans so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Zebra Stainless Steel Billy Pot 16cm
Zebra Stainless Steel Billy Pot 16cmBilly pot, billy can, billy tin - call it what you will, our Zebra 16cm stainless steel billy pot features a looped handle, steel locking clips, and a stowable interior dish. A bushcraft staple!
Heavy Cover Military Style Titanium Mess Kit
Heavy Cover Military Style Titanium Mess KitThe Heavy Cover Military Style Titanium Mess Kit is a compact, lightweight food/beverage preparation and water purification system for those looking to keep their kit weight to an absolute minimum in the backcountry. Usable directly on a gas, alcohol or stick stoves, or over an open fire through the use of the included removable bail, the titanium mess kit weighs in at a mere 370g.
Billy Pot Cordura Case
Billy Pot Cordura CaseThese two-piece cordura bag set for billy pots allows you to keep your billy pot and peripherals all in one organized, easy to use package.
Zebra Stainless Steel Billy Can 12cm
Zebra Stainless Steel Billy Can 12cmBilly can, billy tin, billy pot - however you refer to it, our updated Zebra 12cm stainless steel billy can features a stowable interior dish, removable steel locking clips, and a looped handle with notch for hanging over a fire.
Zebra Stainless Steel Billy Pot 14cm
Zebra Stainless Steel Billy Pot 14cmBeloved by bushcraft devotees, the venerable Zebra 14cm Billy Pot is back - with steel locking clips for locking the pot handles when using over a fire.
Trangia 27 Series Billy Pot
Trangia 27 Series Billy PotThe Trangia 27 series billy pot fits the 27 series stoves, and the packed stove fits snuggly inside the billy.
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