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Outdoor Blankets

Don't toss and turn trying to stay warm. 100% wool blankets provide heat retention and bacteria resistance and are as functional as they are comfortable.
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About Blankets

When clothes are not quite enough, or especially while sleeping, a good blanket can make the difference between getting some rest, or tossing an turning while trying to keep warm. Our blankets are 100% wool - as nothing provides the heat retention, and odour and bacteria resistance that wool does. Modern Canada was forged through trade between the First Nations peoples and Europeans. Wool blankets were highly sought after trade items, and have their place not only in history, but are as functional and comfortable today as they were then.

Our Blankets

We stock only the best in Blankets so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Canadian Made 100% Virgin Wool Blanket
Canadian Made 100% Virgin Wool BlanketManufactured top-to-bottom from raw wool, to finished wool blanket on the island of PEI, these 100% virgin wool blankets are of exceptional quality, and are 100% Canadian manufactured from Canadian wool.
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