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Campfire Grills

Campfire grills allow cooking over a camp fire or alcohol stove and are lightweight, durable and made to last.
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Purcell Trench
Sportes Inc

About Campfire Grills

When conditions allow, there is nothing like cooking over an open fire - unless you’re balancing pots and pans on a precarious arrangement of rocks in order to get the cooking temperature just right. There is an easier way - portable campfire grills. Our Purcell Trench grills are hand made in the USA using 1/4” hollow surgical stainless steel tubing that provide excellent rigidity and durability (minimal to non-existent warping with use) while being extremely lightweight and compact, and offering rapid cooling after use. Available in standard (for pots and pans), or streamside models (with stainless steel mesh for pots, pans, fish, or other items for grilling), Purcell Trench grills are as good as campfire grills get - sure to become a trusty camping companion.

Our Campfire Grills

We stock only the best in Campfire Grills so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Purcell Trench Packer Grill
Purcell Trench Packer GrillThe Purcell Trench Packer Grill is a hand made, lightweight, sturdy, compact camp grill that's made in the USA from American steel or titanium and built to last.
Purcell Trench Packer Frame
Purcell Trench Packer FrameLooking for a minimalist pot support for open fire cooking? The Purcell Trench Packer frame is a high quality, ultra minimal tubular stainless steel frame (grill) for cooking with pots and pans over a campfire. Hand welded in the USA using American materials.
Purcell Trench Solo Grill
Purcell Trench Solo Grill The Purcell Trench Solo Grill is designed to support stainless steel bottles, cups, and other small to medium pots and pans over a cooking fire. Purcell Trench grills are hand-made in the USA from American materials and built to last a lifetime.
Purcell Trench Packer 2 Stainless Steel Grill
Purcell Trench Packer 2 Stainless Steel GrillThe Purcell Trench Packer 2 Grill is the same size as the Packer Grill, but with two reinforcement tubes down the middle instead of one which provides extra strength and rigidity for heavier pots and pans. Lightweight, sturdy, and compact, Purcell Trench grills are hand made in the USA.
Purcell Trench Streamside Packer Grill
Purcell Trench Streamside Packer GrillThe Purcell Trench Streamside Packer Grill is the same size as the Packer Grill, but features a full cover of mesh over the frame - ideal for grilling over coals, a favourite of backpacking anglers, and available in either stainless steel or titanium.
Purcell Trench Streamside Traveler Grill
Purcell Trench Streamside Traveler GrillThe Purcell Trench Streamside Traveller is suitable for burgers, fish, veggies and small items on it's stainless steel mesh over original Purcell Trench Traveler frame. Made in the USA from US steel, the Steamside Traveler provides a lightweight, sturdy and durable compact grill for groups of one to four or five.
Purcell Trench Streamside Voyageurs Grill
Purcell Trench Streamside Voyageurs GrillThe Purcell Trench Streamside Voyageurs Grill is superior for burgers, fish and small vegetables. It features two stays and a full covering of stainless steel mesh TIG welded to the frame and tacked to the two stays to help stabilize and minimize warp.
Firewaall + Wind Blades
Firewaall + Wind BladesThis updated design of the Sportes Firewaall + Plus vertical fire heater and cooker sports narrower slats on the cook surface, and the inclusion of the new "Wind Blades" which blocks wind, and increases combustion rates. Great for ice fishing, hunting, or as an emergency warming station for 1 - 2 people, The Firewaall + Wind Blades packs flat, and like all Sportes products, is made in Canada.
Wind Blades for Sportes Firewaall
Wind Blades for Sportes FirewaallAvailable as a separate upgrade, Firewaall Wind Blades help to block wind, increase combustion rates, and act as a fire "reflector" for radiating the Sportes Firewaall's vertical fire.
Sportes Hydro Bonfire
Sportes Hydro BonfireThe Hydro Bonfire provides an ideal campfire and cooking surface in one - great for those looking to expand on their group cooking skills past what the Sportes MITI series can accommodate, or for those looking for a multi-purpose campfire implement. Made in Canada.
Purcell Trench STIX
Purcell Trench STIXThe Purcell Trench STIX can be used by themselves as the ultimate old school ultralight campfire grill or pot support, or in conjunction with other Purcell Trench grills to extend the working grill space, or suspension.
Purcell Trench Traveler Grill
Sold Out Purcell Trench Traveler GrillThe Purcell Trench Traveler Grill is a Purcell Trench's original lightweight, sturdy, compact camp grill. Made in the USA from US steel, the Traveler provides all around service for one to a group of four or five.
Purcell Trench Voyageurs Grill
Sold Out Purcell Trench Voyageurs GrillThe Voyageurs Grill was initially designed to meet the needs of backcountry canoe travellers. However, like the Travelers Grill, it has been embraced by campers of all persuasions.
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