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Bushbox Ultralight Pocket Stove: Simple And Mighty

Ron Breault
July 19, 2022
Last Updated: July 19, 2022

I recently reviewed the fantastic Littlbug twig stove and mentioned that I purchased a Trangia alcohol stove as a back-up, for times when fire bans preclude burning wood of any kind. This got me thinking: since I'm already carrying the Trangia with me, if I had a second, smaller twig-style stove to hold the Trangia, I could have two stoves going simultaneously: the Littlbug and the Trangia. This would be handy when cooking meals that are a bit more complex than simply dehydrated, prepackaged foods. It would also give me a super compact option of traveling with only the Trangia and whatever I found to hold it.

After looking at a lot of options online, some cheap and of dubious quality; some overkill for what I was looking for, I finally settled on the Bushbox Ultralight Pocket Stove. This tiny twig stove is made by Bush Craft Essentials, and is available through Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co. - the same place I bought my Littlbug and Trangia stoves. After getting in touch with Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co, I received my Bushbox Ultalight in the mail, and wow, I was shocked at the size!

Bushbox Ultralight Pocket Stove Folded Up on a Rock
Small & Well Designed

This little guy folds down flat and literally fits in the palm of my hand! It's so small, it would fit between the pages of a paperback novel, no problem, and I don't mean War and Peace! Weight wise, it comes in at about 70g or less than 2.5 oz; barely noticeable.

Much like the Littlbug, the Bushbox Ultralight is both a twig stove and a Trangia holder. It's made of five separate sheet metal pieces that fit together easily: three pieces for the sides; one for the bottom; one for the top. They all fit together with a nice pleasing “click”; some real thought went into the design. I personally find it easier to put together the Bushbox Ultralight than the Littlbug, but that could be just because it's smaller and has fewer configuration options. Something else I like is that it comes with its own fabric “sleeve” to keep it all together when not in use. This is a separate purchase with the Littlbug.

Bushbox Ultralight Assembled, Top View, Pot Support in Place
Assembled, Top View, Pot Support in Place
Bushbox Ultralight Assembled, Bottom View, Support Shelf Visible
Assembled, Bottom View, Support Shelf Visible

I've now taken this stove with me on two separate trips and am very pleased with it! When paired with my Trangia and a pot, it's perfect for just making coffee or tea on a day trip, or gently simmering food I'm rehydrating on longer trips, while my Littlbug cooks up the main meal. I haven't used it with twigs yet, as my main use for it is with the Trangia, and I already have the Littlbug as my primary twig stove. That said, it's good to know I can use it with twigs as a back up, if I run out of alcohol for the Trangia.

Bushbox Ultralight Assembled with Accessories
Assembled, Ready to Go
Bushbox Ultralight Stove being used to boil a pot of water
Boiling A Pot of Water

The lightweight and tiny size makes the Bushbox Ultralight a “no brainer” addition to my gear set. It's well made, and the reasonable price compared to many alternatives is a nice bonus too! I think this will be coming with me on all my future trips.

If you're looking to round out your gear, the Bushbox Ultralight is a great choice & worth a hard look!

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Ron Breault

Ron spent most of his life in the Montreal-Toronto-Ottawa corridor, providing him with great access to some of Canada's finest paddling destinations. A lifelong photographer, Ron's favourite subjects are landscapes, wildlife, and anything involving paddling, camping, or backpacking. He recently purchased his second Swift Canoe, which resulted in his nickname, Swifty Paddler. In 2021, Ron stepped away from a senior management position in the software industry to pursue photography full time. He's now working at growing his practice. Ron is married to the love of his life, has two adult daughters, and resides in Ottawa, Ontario.
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