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Step-by-Step Maintenance Of Trangia Alcohol Stoves

Tim Foley
December 8, 2018
Last Updated: April 24, 2020
The following is for Alcohol fueled Stoves. If your Trangia runs on gas, view: Maintenance of Trangia Gas Burner Stoves.

Due to their design, Trangia alcohol burners require very little maintenance, and what they do require merely involves keeping them clean and free from food deposits and corrosion.

Required Materials/Tools

  • Steel Wool/SOS Pad
  • Sewing Needle
  • Water

How To Maintain Your Trangia Alcohol Stove

  1. Remove the rubber gasket from the lid
  2. Scour the burner cup, lid, and simmer ring to remove any residue. Ensure that all of the jet holes along the top ring of the burner are clear and open. If required, use a piece of steel wire or a sewing needle to remove foreign material from the holes
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water
  4. Wipe dry, and then allow the burner cup to dry for 24 hours to ensure the interior cotton wick dries completely
  5. Replace the rubber gasket back into the lid
  6. Test the burner with a small amount of fuel to ensure proper function

Tim Foley

Tim grew up spending summers and much of his spare time in the backwoods of Northern Ontario and has been canoeing, camping and hiking ever since. When not running the Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co., you can find him riding his bike, hiking the Bruce Trail, canoeing, or clearing trails, cutting firewood and testing gear out in the bush.
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