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Historical Take On Double Bit Axes

February 18, 2020
Last Updated: February 18, 2020

Even in the stone age, they had double bit axes. And in the historical museum in Stockholm they have double bit axes made of clay covered with gold. These double axes were of course only for ceremonies. The double bit axe is the symbol of life - (this is) the moon coming and the moon going - birth and death, and this has been a symbol for life in a lot of cultures. In the Greek culture 3000, 4000 years ago, double bit axes were the symbol for life as well.

On the Isle of Crete you have a temple "Knossos" and in Knossos you have a labyrinth. Labyrinth is an old Greek word: La-b-rys which means the house of the double bit axe. And there, the women were in charge, and once a year they went in with young men and young women with double bit axes and a big bull and in the labyrinth they killed the big bull and then they probably had sexual playing between the young men and women, and then they went out. So they killed the big bull inside, then they went out with the double bit axe and cut the vines in the vinyards, and then the vines started growing, and inside the female, the baby starts growing. So that was in Greece, and still today in Greece, the double bit axe is a symbol for women's power.

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