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Log Lifting Tongs & Log Hooks

These handy tools make handling logs and cut wood easier, and quicker than the use of hands alone. Able to facilitate the dragging of downed trees, gripping of timbers, and grasping of firewood, log lifters and log tongs are a must for anyone dealing with bush lots, trails, or cottages, or camps.
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Products 1 to 2 of 2

Our Log Lifting Tongs & Hooks

We stock only the best in Log Lifting Tongs & Hooks so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Mueller Extra Long Log Tong
Mueller Extra Long Log Tong Mueller's Extra Long Log Tongs make picking up and maneuvering logs and split wood a breeze! Made of alloyed carbon steel, with ergonomic molded plastic handles, and an extra long neck, they allow for pickup up wood with a lot less bending over - handy when you have several bush cords to process!
Mueller Log Tong
Mueller Log Tong Make processing and stacking firewood easier with Mueller Log Tongs - these Austrian made, ergonomic tongs make grabbing and moving logs and split firewood a breeze.

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