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Maxpedition Pockets & Pouches

Maxpedition pouches and organizers are the key to the Maxpedition system. Add pouches for more space and pockets for more organization.

About Maxpedition Pockets & Pouches

Maxpedition’s modular system of external pockets and pouches is at the heart of the Maxpedition system. Need more room in your pack? No problem - add another pouch or pocket via the integrated PALS webbing. Need a method to carry sub-systems of use-specific gear bags (first aid, camera accessories, field kits) that can be attached and re-attached to a main bag or pack? No problem. Maxpedition has you covered.

Our Maxpedition Pockets & Pouches

We stock only the best in Maxpedition Pockets & Pouches so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Maxpedition Beefy Pocket Organizer
Maxpedition Beefy Pocket OrganizerThe Maxpedition Beefy Pocket Organizer is the largest of its kind with optimum interior space for standard flashlights, hand tools, large knives, 16oz bottles, heavy cables and other fuller-sized gear.
Maxpedition E.D.C. Pocket organizer
Maxpedition E.D.C. Pocket organizerThe small items organizer fits neatly into a pant cargo pocket, or can be attached to other Maxpedition gear via PALS webbing on the back.
Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer
Maxpedition Micro Pocket OrganizerThis small Maxpedition EDC organizer fits lots of gear comfortably into pants pockets, or inside larger packs.
Maxpedition DEP - Daily Essentials Pouch
Maxpedition DEP - Daily Essentials PouchThe Maxpedition DEP - Daily Essentials Pouch - is a two compartment pouch designed for everyday carry, and can be worn on a belt or can be attached to the side of a pack via MOLLE webbing and included polymer tacties. Multiple interior pouches and elastic straps there is a place for everything - and everything is in it's place.
Maxpedition CAP - Compact Admin Pouch
Maxpedition CAP - Compact Admin PouchThe Maxpedition CAP - Compact Admin Pouch - is a low-profile pouch that takes up little room when empty, but expands to fit all your important items. Featuring a front compartment that houses elastic organizers, an extra pocket, and a plastic keyfob to securely hold key rings, and an interior main compartment with a visible grayscale interior, additional elastic organizers and pockets for storage.
Maxpedition XBP Expandable Bottle Pouch
Maxpedition XBP Expandable Bottle PouchThe Maxpedition XBP Expandable Bottle Pouch is designed to attach to MOLLE-compatible bags and packs. It fits a wide range of common bottles including 1L and 1.2L widemouth water bottles.
Maxpedition FR-1 Combat Medical Pouch
Maxpedition FR-1 Combat Medical PouchThe FR-1 Pouch design evolved from a first aid kit bag with added versatility. It can be used as a general purpose organizational pouch or as a specialized medical pouch.
Maxpedition JANUS Extension Pocket
Maxpedition JANUS Extension PocketThe JANUS™ is a two-faced pocket, one side features loop fields for ID patches while the other side has PALS webbing to accept modular accessories.
Maxpedition Bottle Holder - 10
Maxpedition Bottle Holder - 10" x 4"The 10” x 4” Bottle Holder is designed to fit a 32oz / 1L water bottle (sold separately) or similarly sized containers.
Maxpedition FRP -  First Response Pouch
Maxpedition FRP - First Response PouchThe Maxpedition FRP - First Responder Pouch - is an updated version of Maxpedition’s medical pouch that features paracord “hinges” to set the angle of opening of the main compartment. Lots of elastic straps and pockets ensure easy to access places for all your first aid kit, and the FRP comes with two polymer Tactie clips for attaching to the molle webbing of other packs or bags.
Maxpedition AUP -  Accordion Utility Pouch
Maxpedition AUP - Accordion Utility PouchThe Maxpedition AUP - Accordian Utility Pouch - is a small pouch with accordion style dividers that features a front zippered compartment with elastic organization and a top carry handle made from comfortable Shapeshift webbing. Perfect for keeping all your small edc items (keys, small tools, pens, pads, etc..) organized and at the ready.
Maxpedition Monkey Combat Admin Pouch
Maxpedition Monkey Combat Admin PouchMaxpedition's new #9811 Monkey Combat™ Admin Pouch solves many of the problems plaguing admin pouches currently on the market while optimizing carry capacity in a compact and organized package.
Maxpedition 5
Maxpedition 5The Maxpedition 5" Flashlight Sheath is 5" (12.7 cm) long and has a 1.1" (2.8 cm) diameter sheath tube (non-tapered).
Maxpedition Neatfreak Organizer
Maxpedition Neatfreak OrganizerThe Maxpedition NeatFreak Organizer is the ultimate drop-in gear organizer. The spacious main compartment has thirteen built-in pockets, with a Velcro divider that has three additional pockets - a place for everything, and everything in it's place.
Maxpedition Mini Pocket organizer
Maxpedition Mini Pocket organizerThe Maxpedition Mini Pocket organizer fits neatly into a pant cargo pocket, or can be attached to other Maxpedition gear via PALS webbing on the back.
Maxpedition ROLLYPOLY Folding Dump Pouch
Sold Out Maxpedition ROLLYPOLY Folding Dump PouchThe Rollypoly® is Maxpedition's licensed adaptation of the elegant MM Folding Dump Pouch design. It can be used to hold ammo, or as a multi purpose utility pouch for gathering anything from tinder, edibles or even evidence! In its folded state, the Rollypoly® is a mere 3" x 3" x 1.75". Can be worn using belt loop or attached using Tac Ties.
Maxpedition Mini ROLLYPOLY Folding Dump Pouch
Sold Out Maxpedition Mini ROLLYPOLY Folding Dump PouchThe Maxpedition Mini Rollypoly® (#0207) is a folding dump pouch designed to hold a standard 32 oz. / 1L Nalgene or smaller water bottle. Bungee cord cinch and hook-and-loop flap lid secure top.
Maxpedition Bottle Holder - 12
Sold Out Maxpedition Bottle Holder - 12" x 5"The 12” x 5” Bottle Holder will hold a tall insulated container or a bottle of wine (750ml).
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