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Expert Review: Trangia 27-5 UL Cookset Review

June 3, 2015
Last Updated: March 1, 2024

I had the opportunity to try out the Trangia 27-5UL cookset on a recent birding outing at Point Pelee, Ontario, and it was a great addition to my trip. Weighing only 750g, this lightweight, compact stove is durable and easy to travel with, and well suited to feeding two people. The non-stick frypan and saucepans made for easy cooking and cleanup.  From eggs, bacon, and coffee to homemade pizza pockets, veggies and hot dogs, the Trangia 27 series stove is one of the most versatile, quiet, and durable stoves I have used. 

One thing that really stood out was how quiet the stove was: I could still hear the loons at the other end of the lake. Making coffee was a breeze. Being able to boil water and not wake anyone else up was a bonus. It took around 10 min to boil water and I had enough fuel left to cook breakfast: around 30 min in total. 

My experience was overwhelmingly positive, but if I have one small caveat, it would be to be careful trying to throw the simmer ring on the burner from above. I sometimes missed, and while trying to move the simmer ring, burned some of the hairs off the back of my my hand. I found an easier way that worked for me: by twisting off the upper windscreen, placing the ring on the burner, and then re-attaching the upper windscreen.

In addition to the standard kit, I also took along an extra frypan with an included handle, but found the handle of these frypans get extremely hot. You’d need a glove to pick these up when in use. The detachable handle however, is the ideal tool for grabbing hot frypans, plus you can grab the sauce pans and other Trangia accessories.

The Trangia fuel bottles are great: just twist and push and what ever fuel you are using pours out without any spillage. Having three bottle options is great too - with 300ml, 500ml, and 1L options you will definitely find a bottle that suits your needs for the backcountry.

So if your looking for a simple stove design thats quiet, durable, versatile, non stick and compact,  look no further then the Trangia 27-5UL.

Rob - The Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co.

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