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Push-Pull Stroke Crosscut Saws

Push - pull crosscut saws cut both on the push and pull stroke, making them highly efficient, and the best choice for smaller diameter branches, and trees, or by use of two people for larger timbers.
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TBS Outdoor
Thomas Flinn & Co.

Our Push-Pull Stroke Crosscut Saws

We stock only the best in Push-Pull Stroke Crosscut Saws so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Bahco Laplander Saw
Bahco Laplander SawMade in Sweden, the Laplander is specifically designed for the outdoors person. Only 23cm inches long in the folded position and weighing just 184g, the saw is small enough and light enough to fit into any pack, yet offers awesome cutting abilities due to it's XT toothing blade. Tough, smart, good to grip - the measure by which all other folding saws are compared.
Two Person Premium Lynx Brand 4ft Crosscut Saw
Two Person Premium Lynx Brand 4ft Crosscut SawThe Lynx brand two man (or woman) crosscut saw by Thomas Flinn & Co are manufactured in Sheffield, England, features large, peg toothing (which cuts on the push and the pull strokes), beech handles, and are re-sharpenable using a file. Available in 4ft (1220 mm), 5ft (1524mm) lengths.
Leather Sheath for Bahco Folding Saw
Leather Sheath for Bahco Folding SawThe TBS Leather Sheath for Bahco Folding Saw is a quality leather sheath designed to fit the Bahco Laplander saw, and keep it at the ready via a belt loop.
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