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Axe / Knife Sharpening Service

Axe / Knife Sharpening Service

Ensure your axe or knife is always in top condition with our remote sharpening service - send us your knife or axe, we'll sharpen it, and free ship it back to you!
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5-Star Service
Trusted Equipment
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5-Star Service
5-Star Service

Are you unsure about sharpening your new axe or knife?

No need to fret - with our remote sharpening service, when your edge has dulled, and the time comes to sharpen, simply ship your knife or axe to us, we’ll get it factory razor sharp again, and free ship the finished product back to you anywhere in Canada.

All work is done without heating the blade edges, ensuring no loss of temper or edge retention to the tool. Turnaround time is 5 - 7 business days after receipt at our location

Spa Option

If you add our “spa” option, we’ll also clean up all metal parts (blades/heads/collars) oil them, oil your handle, and treat the leather sheath - it's pretty much like getting a new axe or knife all over again!

Remote sharpening services apply to products sold by Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co. only.

Knives or axes with severely damaged edges or extreme corrosion may be subject to additional surcharges (as more extensive cleaning, filing and grinding is required to correct). In these instances, you will be contacted before work begins..



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