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Paracord / Rope Line

A good piece of rope goes a long way in the outdoors. We carry high quality, long lasting rope and line including 550/750 Paracord, Survival, Reflective and Utility Cord.
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About Rope / Line

A good length of rope is an outdoors essential when in the bush. Whether slinging a ridge line for a tarp, hanging food barrels from trees, tethering a boat to shore, securing gear onto a toboggan or pack, or lashing staves for a tent frame together, a good piece of rope goes a long, long way.

550 paracord started life as it’s name implies: as parachute cord. Lightweight and incredibly strong (actual breaking strengths around 630 lbs, but rated to 550 lbs) with 30% stretch and the ability to break down the inner strands into smaller lines (for snares, fishing nets, and even sutures), 550 cord is favoured by the military, survivalists, and campers alike. Available in military spec and consumer grades (we carry only true mil spec with 7 interior strands, including a marker strand ), paracord can be woven into bracelets and belts, used as shoelaces, and is a great addition to any kit as one can carry hundreds of feet in very small spaces.

Should 550 paracord not be enough, we also offer 750 military grade paracord with 11 internal strands rated to 750 lbs breaking strength, but with actual capacities upwards of 830 lbs. 750 paracord offer extremely high tensile strength while having a small diameter (1/8"), making it possible to pack hundreds of feet in very small spaces.

Reflective line can be a lifesaver as it’s extremely high visibility under illumination from a flashlight lets one see guy lines, ridge lines and zipper pulls from hundreds of feet away - no more tripping over tent corners, or walking into tarp lines after dark. Tying lengths onto tools or bags allows one to locate them if misplaced in the dark or at dusk, and a length or two on the back of a pack can increase visibility while hiking trails and roads after nightfall.

Our new Fish 'n Fire Survival cord features a 7 strand, 550 style cord with the addition of a strand of 8 lb test monofilament fishing line, and a strand of braided jute rope. The fishing line provides the means of catching fish in emergency situations, and the braided jute can be fluffed up, and used for emergency tinder for making fires. Now your tarp lines, boat lines and shoelaces can help you out in a survival situation in more ways than one.

Our Rope / Line

We stock only the best in Rope / Line so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
550 Paracord Military Spec
550 Paracord Military Spec550 paracord is ubiquitous. Real, seven strand, military grade (not consumer grade), fully tested 550 paracord made in the USA is not. When you're in an emergency situation, and have to rely on your paracord, do you want to have to question whether it'll really hold all that weight? Don't take chances with cheap knock-offs - get the real deal and have peace of mind.
Reflective Utility Cord
Reflective Utility CordVery useful when setting up tents and tarps, our reflective, 7 strand paracord-style nylon utility cord will help you avoid walking into guy lines once darkness falls. Perfect for slinging tarps, and as marking/flagging lines. Made in the USA.
750 Paracord Military Spec
750 Paracord Military Spec550 paracord is usually enough for most outdoor activities, but if more tensile strength is needed, our true, military grade (MIL-C-5040H Type 4) 750 paracord provides breaking strengths over 800 lbs for the toughest outdoor users. Featuring 11 interior strands, including a marker strand, our 750 paracord is not consumer grade, and has the lab report to prove it.
Fish 'n Fire Survival Cord
Fish 'n Fire Survival CordOur new Fish 'n Fire Survival Cord is a 550 paracord style cord which also houses two extra strands: one of 8 lb test monofilament fishing line for emergency fishing kit, and braided jute twine for emergency tinder. Now your tarp lines, pack ties or even shoelaces can do double duty as emergency survival lines. Non-toxic. Made in the USA.
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