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Trangia 25 Duossal Cooksets

Trangia's Duossal cooksets are rugged and durable made from 2 metals: aluminium on the outside and stainless steel on the inside.
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About Trangia 25 Duossal

Trangia's Duossal cooksets are made from 2 metals: aluminum on the outside (0.5mm) and stainless steel on the inside (0.3mm), resulting in highly rugged and durable pots and pans, that spread heat extremely evenly across the cooking surface, and can withstand high temperatures from many heat sources - including alcohol, isobutane, white gas and other petroleum stoves as well as fires.

Our Trangia 25 Duossal

We stock only the best in Trangia 25 Duossal so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Trangia 25-21UL Duossal Cookset
Trangia 25-21UL Duossal CooksetTrangia's 25-21 UL/D Duossal 2.0 cookset features Trangia's unique DUOSSAL material: aluminum alloy exterior for quick and even spreading of heat, and a stainless steel interior for scratch resistance and durability.
Trangia 25-23 UL/D Duossal 2.0 Cookset
Trangia 25-23 UL/D Duossal 2.0 CooksetThe Trangia 25-23 UL/D Duossal 2.0 Cookset features pots made from Trangia's Duossal material (aluminum exterior, stainless steel interior), along with a non-stick frypan.

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