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Helle Bushcraft & Outdoor Knives

These Helle bushcraft outdoor knifes are general purposed, useful for cutting rope, gutting and skinning, making fine shavings for fires, or just fixing a sandwich.
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About Helle Bushcraft & Outdoor Knives

General use outdoor and bushcraft knives are defined by a few factors: the type of steel used, blade grind, blade geometry, and blade tang.

All of Helle’s general use outdoor knives feature either Helle’s triple laminated stainless steel, laminated carbon steel, or blades made of Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel. While both carbon and stainless steel have their devotees, stainless blades require less field maintenance, are much less susceptible to rust, and tend to hold their edges for longer periods of time.

Scandinavians have been using knives for over a thousand years, and in that time have settled upon the flat, or “Scandinavian” grind as the blade grind of choice. Consisting of a single bevel face out to the blade edge, and featuring no secondary bevel, a Scandinavian grind provides a very keen edge that exhibits good strength and is highly multi-purpose in design: one can use it for utility purposes (cutting rope or line), food prep, skinning and preparing game, or for fine shaving or carving of wood. While other grinds do offer greater strength (convex for instance - used on axes), they do not offer the same ability to do very fine slicing or shaving and finesse work - very useful when making feather sticks or removing splinters. The other advantage of the Scandinavian grind is that it is very easy to sharpen: the blade is simply tilted flat onto a sharpening stone along the blade bevel to find the angle, and to begin restoring the edge. No use of jigs or other sharpening implements are required, as there is only one angle to accomodate. This makes sharpening simple and straightforward, and in-the-field sharpening highly useful and functional.

Helle’s blades feature either full tangs or stick (also called “rat tail”) tangs. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Full tangs offer the greatest strength and rigidity while using the knife during heavy work. “Batonning” (the practice of splitting wood popular with some outdoors people) is best avoided, due to the large impact force and required pounding on the knife - which can lead to broken handles and blades. While more robust, full tang blades are much heavier than their stick tang counterparts. Stick tangs make for lighter, more agile and nimble knives that are highly functional for general outdoor use (including processing small sections of dry wood into kindling), but lack the robustness for use when striking or pounding is involved - a job best suited to an axe.

Our Helle Bushcraft & Outdoor Knives

We stock only the best in Helle Bushcraft & Outdoor Knives so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Helle Wabakimi Knife
Helle Wabakimi KnifeThe Helle Wabakimi is the third collaboration between "Surviviorman" Les Stroud and Helle. Featuring a full, hidden tang (like the Temagami), the Wabakimi sports a slightly smaller handle, and a wider, more swept blade. Now available in either H3LS (Helle triple laminated stainless steel) or Uddeholm Sleipner carbon steel blades.
Helle Nord knife
Helle Nord knifeThe Helle Nord knife is a large, full tang outdoor and bushcraft knife that was developed to meet the demands of wilderness use. Thin enough for effective cutting, but strong enough for most outdoor tasks, the Helle Nord is best suited to users with large hands who are looking for a large (5.8") blade.
Helle Temagami 14C28N Knife
Helle Temagami 14C28N KnifeIn honour of a decade long working relationship, Helle and Les Stroud aka Survivorman have developed an anniversary edition of Helle's classic Temagami knife. Featuring the same half fulltang blade and curly birch handle, the Temagami 14C28N anniversary edition features 14C28N steel, and a 90 degree sharpened spine - allowing it to be used for striking a ferro rod.
Helle GT 14C28N Knife
Helle GT 14C28N KnifeThe Helle GT 14C28N is an updated version of Helle's venerable GT knife: a big, American style outdoor knife with a 123 mm (4.8") blade of Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel. The Helle GT features an aluminum/leather finger guard, which keeps the overall weight of the knife down, and it's 115 mm curly birch handle fits medium to larger size hands.
Helle 2022 Limited Edition JS Knife
Helle 2022 Limited Edition JS KnifeThe Special Limited Edition Helle JS knife is named after Jan Steffen Helle - current production manager and grandson of company founder Sigmund Helle. The black with red highlights pays homage to the forge that Sigmund was tasked with running.Available only for a limited time while supplies last.
Helle Eggen Knife
Helle Eggen KnifeThe Helle Eggen is a multi-purpose hunting/bushcraft/outdoor knife with a 4 inch triple layered stainless drop point blade.
Helle Eggen 12C27 Knife
Helle Eggen 12C27 KnifeThe Helle Eggen 12C27 is a special, limited time only run of the classic Helle Eggen in Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel. Order while supplies last!
Helle Belt Clip
Helle Belt Clip Helle's new Belt Clip allows you to carry and remove your knife and sheath from your belt, without having to undo your entire belt, and also allows for a greater range of motion, and more comfort - especially when sitting, and getting in and out of canoes.
Helle Temagami Knife - Updated Version
Helle Temagami Knife - Updated VersionThe Temagami is a collaborative effort between "Survivorman" Les Stroud and Helle of Norway - this updated version features a reshaped handle, and a streamlined blade.
Helle Audun Limited Edition Knife
Helle Audun Limited Edition KnifeThe Special Limited Edition Helle Audun knife is named after chief handle maker Audun Erikstad - who has worked at the Helle factory for over 50 years. Drawing from traditional and contemporary handle design, the Audun features a reindeer antler and dyed curly birch handle, and a laminate stainless steel (H3LS) blade. The hand made leather sheath sports a birch tree - as a handle maker, Audun loves the enduring beauty of birch - especially in the springtime.
Helle Nying Knife
Helle Nying KnifeThe Nying is one of Helle's most popular models with over one million sold, and was awarded the Classsic Award for Design Excellence from the Norwegian Design Council. A great compact, all around knife.
Helle Skog Knife
Helle Skog KnifeThe Helle Skog knife is designed as a carving/whittling knife that is more robust than the typical carving knives: making it suitable for not only wood working, but general camp chores as well.
Helle Fjellkniven Bushcraft Knife
Helle Fjellkniven Bushcraft KnifeWhat Makes Helle Knives So Great? They are made of triple laminate stainless steel. The center portion tests out to be 58-59 on the Rockwell scale, and the outside steel is 18/8 stainless steel specially developed by Helle and a Norwegian steel mill. This makes for a blade that is very sharp, and with it's drop point blade, perfectly suited to skinning or carving. The curly birch handle sits well and feels comfortable in the hand - a great outdoor knife.
Helle Alden Knife
Helle Alden KnifeThe Helle Alden Knife's handle is similar to the Helle GT, but features a reduced finger guard for a pouch style sheath.
Helle Gaupe Knife
Helle Gaupe KnifeThe Helle Gaupe is Helle's newest knife, and is similar to the Helle Eggen, but features a larger blade, and a longer, more contoured handle.
Helle Utvaer Knife
Helle Utvaer KnifeThe New Helle Utvaer is a beautifully balanced full tang knife with a mid size handle that features a wide blade with a swept belly - perfect for skinning, bushcraft or rugged outdoor use.
Helle Harding Bushcraft Knife
Helle Harding Bushcraft KnifeWhat Makes Helle Knives So Great? They are made of triple laminate stainless steel. The center portion tests out to be 58-59 on the Rockwell scale, and the outside steel is 18/8 stainless steel specially developed by Helle and a Norwegian steel mill. This makes for a blade that is very sharp without being brittle, and with it's drop point blade, it's perfectly suited to skinning or carving. The curly birch/walnut/leather handle sits well and feels comfortable in the hand, and with the addition of the stud on the pommel, you can be sure it won't slip from it's sheath.
Helle GT Knife
Helle GT KnifeThe Helle GT is a big, American style outdoor knife. it's 123 mm triple layered stainless blade features an aluminum/leather finger guard, which keeps the overall weight of the knife down, and it's 115 mm curly birch handle fits medium to larger size hands.
Helle Arv Knife
Helle Arv KnifeThe Helle Arv knife is similar in size, shape and function to the Helle Odel knife: both feature feature a drop point, triple laminated blade, a handle featuring curly birch, leather, and stag horn, and fit hands medium to small in size.
Helle Folkekniven Knife
Helle Folkekniven KnifeThe Helle Folkekniven is a smaller size utility/everyday knife that features a non-laminated Sandvik 12c27 blade, and a compact, full grain leather sheath.
Helle Fossekallen Knife
Helle Fossekallen KnifeDesigned by Gunnar Lothe in 1998 the Fossekallen makes a great all round hunting and outdoor knife. The 100mm triple layered laminated stainless steel blade and 110m Masurian birch handle come together to comprise a truly beautiful tool. The full grain leather sheath will help keep your Helle knife safe.
Helle Jegermester Knife
Helle Jegermester KnifeThe Helle Jegermester knife is a large knife intended for the butchering of big game.
Helle Didi Galgalu Knife
Helle Didi Galgalu KnifeThe new Helle Didi Gagalu is a collaboration between Helle of Norway and Voetspore of South Africa, born on an expedition in the Great African Rift Valley in 2014. Voetspore are an adventure documentary team who have travelled more than 220,000 kilometers on the African continent. The unforgiving Didi Galgalu desert in northern Kenya is the inspiration for this large, full tang hunting and general outdoor use knife made from African Kiaat wood and 12C27 stainless steel.
Helle Gro Knife
Helle Gro KnifeThe Helle Gro is a basic, no frills camp knife with a 3 ½" (93 mm) blade of Sandvik 12C27 steel and a darkened birch handle that's well suited to medium sized hands.
Helle Fjellkniven 12C27 Knife
Helle Fjellkniven 12C27 KnifeHelle has now introduced their venerable Fjellkniven knife with a 12C27 stainless steel blade – same design and feel, but now with a non-laminated blade.
Helle Gaupe 12C27 Knife
Helle Gaupe 12C27 KnifeIn 2022 Helle add a new version of the classic Gaupe knife. Equally as beautiful and balanced as it's sibling with a Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade.
Helle Tollekniv Knife
Helle Tollekniv KnifeThe Helle Tollekniv is traditional, no-frills Scandinavian knife that serves well as a multi-purpose belt knife. It features a 104mm long blade with a triple laminated stainless steel blade.
Helle Fossekallen 12C27 Knife
Helle Fossekallen 12C27 KnifeThe Helle Fossekallen is named after Norway’s national bird – proud, small and strong. It's the same design as the classic Fossekallen designed by Gunnar Lothe in 1998, but now with a Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade.

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