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Helle Knives

Helle knives are hand made in Norway by skilled craftsmen with quality materials and come with a lifetime guarantee.

COEC's Choice in Helle Knives

Types of Helle Knives

Helle Bushcraft & Outdoor Knives These Helle bushcraft outdoor knifes are general purposed, useful for cutting rope, gutting and skinning, making fine shavings for fires, or just fixing a sandwich.
Helle Fillet Knives Flexible, comfortable, and sharp like a razor, Helle's fillet knives feature single layer Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blades and curly birch or cork handles.
Helle Folding Knives Helle's folding knives offer full size performance and function in a handy, concise package making carrying them on a belt or in a pocket convenient and easy.
Helle Skinning Knives A good skinning knife should be light and agile in the hand. No need for heavy choppers or full tangs here, just a comfortable, featherweight feel and that famous razor edge that Helle delivers.
Helle Specialty Knives Limited editions, out of production, or highly specialized knives made by Helle of Norway. Helle’s specialty knives are those with unique cultural or functional significance.
Helle Neck Knives Neck Knives are useful in that they keep the knife from interfering with sitting, or laying down, and keep it in an accessible, easy to reach place for access.
Helle Kids Knives Allowing kids to practice will ensure a lifetime of safe knife use. Helle Kids Knives feature guards for keeping fingers away from the blade edge while using.
Helle Blade Blanks Craft a beautiful handle of your own - be it wood, antler, leather - you decide. Use a laminated or Sandvik steel blade, a full, stick or partial tang from many of Helle's outstanding knife models.

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Just a boy and his Helle Speiderkniven Knife

Helle knives are hand made in Holmedal Norway, as they have been since 1932. Helle relies on the experience and knowledge of skilled craftsmen to master the up to 45 manual steps that go into the making of Helle knives, and stand behind each of the knives they make with a lifetime guarantee. Helle started by servicing the needs of local fisherman, farmers and hunters who required functional, rugged outdoor knives for outdoor use, but who also appreciated that a Helle knife could also serve as a “Sunday Knife” - one that was beautiful enough to accompany it’s wearer to church, or to other special occasions, as is the local tradition.

Make no mistake – while a thing of beauty, first and foremost a Helle knife is a knife that is made to be used, and to withstand the rigours of the outdoors whether you farm, fish, hunt, or camp.

Helle Knife Handles

All the wood used in a Helle knife is air dried, not kiln dried. While drying wood in kilns is certainly faster, the kiln renders the wood more susceptible to temperature and humidity changes after drying is completed. Air drying is a much slower process, but yields wood that is much more stable, making for a superior knife handle that much less prone to heaving or swelling once fitted with a blade.

Helle Knife Blades

Most Helle knives use a triple laminated high carbon stainless steel that was originally developed in conjunction with a Norwegian steel mill. Laminating steel involves layering two steels with differing qualities together in order to gain advantages of both. The core of the Helle steel is very hard (@ 59 HRC) which makes for an exceptional blade edge. As the steel is hard, it holds an edge extremely well. Manufacture the whole blade out of this hard steel however, and there is a danger that the blade can be prone to being brittle (it may snap or break if lateral force is applied). To combat this, a second layer of softer, 18/8 protective stainless steel surrounds the core, and provides flexibility and protection from corrosion - producing a blade with the best qualities of both steels combined.

Helle Knife Sheaths

Helle’s sheaths are hand made in Holmedal as well using time honoured traditions of local sheath makers. Specially tanned leathers, treated with saddle grease ensures functionality and durability, while the shape, design and finishing details on the sheaths help to further the story behind each knife, and enhance the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the knives they house.

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