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Casstrom Leather & Accessories

Casstrom offers a wide range of high-quality leather and outdoor accessories specifically designed to enhance functionality for those who enjoy outdoor activities. The brand's accessories include gear danglers, pouches, pockets, and much more, all made with superior quality leather to ensure durability and long-lasting use.
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About Casstrom Leather & Accessories

In additions to knives, Casstrom also produces leather accessories (danglers, pouches, belt add-ons) for use outdoors that provide extended functionality, storage and attachment points for gear while out in the field. Wholly made in the European Union, Casstrom Leather & Accessories use 3mm thick vegetable tanned leather so you can depend on them to perform, even in the harshest conditions, and with proper care, provide a lifetime of service and functionality.

Our Casstrom Leather & Accessories

We stock only the best in Casstrom Leather & Accessories so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Casstrom No.3 Dangler
Casstrom No.3 DanglerCasström's No.3 Dangler is a belt accessory designed to let your knife hang further down from the waist, and dangle freely (hence the name) so that the sheathed knife does not restrict movement, or become a constraint. Danglers can also be used to stow gloves, keys, firesteels, etc on your person when not in use.
Casstrom Army Firesteel
Casstrom Army FiresteelCasström's Army Firesteel are high-quality, European-made ferrocerium rods for use in all weather and conditions. They feature 9.5 mm (0.4") diameter rod rated for 12,000+ strikes.
Casstrom Swedish Strop Paste
Casstrom Swedish Strop PasteCasström has created their very own, high-quality stropping compound with three grits to choose from. Designed to bring a razor-sharp edge back to your knife, when used in conjunction with a leather strop.
Casstrom Field Strop
Casstrom Field StropCasström's Field Strop is a small, portable double-sided field strop (13cm x 3cm) that can be brought along on trips or outings to touch up or refine the edge of your knife or axe while out in the field. Made with veg tanned leather in the European Union.
Casström No.10 Kydex Sheath Hanger
Casström No.10 Kydex Sheath HangerCasström's No.10 Kydex sheath hanger supports the use of a Kydex sheath on your belt, while allowing you to add the function and traditional look and feel of leather.
Leather Possibles Pouch
Leather Possibles PouchA general purpose belt pouch that's suitable for a variety of storage duties (tinder collection, tobacco/smokeables, battery storage, snacks, etc..) that attached to your belt via a belt loop on the back. Made from 3mm thick vegetable tanned leather in the EU.
Quick Release Belt Loop with Hook
Quick Release Belt Loop with HookCasström's quick-release leather belt loop is a handy addition to your belt when out in the field. Made from 3mm thick vegetable tanned leather.
Casström Leather Lanyard with Clasp
Casström Leather Lanyard with ClaspCasstrom's design on the traditional lanyard, with logo stamped vegetable tanned leather, and a brass clasp.
Casstrom Safari Kydex Sheath Hanger
Casstrom Safari Kydex Sheath HangerCasström's Safari Kydex Sheath Hanger, is made from ethically sourced, vegetable tanned leather. The addition of the hanger to your Kydex sheath allows for a better range of motion when wearing your knife.
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