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Esker Central Tent Pole Base

Esker Central Tent Pole Base

This handy tent pole base is made from lightweight aluminum, and helps to spread the weight of a centrally supported tent pole (like in Esker hot tents, or other pyramid style tents) so that the pole end does not penetrate down into compacted snow. Bent edges anchor the base, and keep it in place.
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Central support tents, like Esker's winter hot tents, use a central pole to support the tent. In deep snow, the pole will penetrate the snow pack, leaving part of the pole above the snow surface, and part of it below - compromising it's ability to support the tent at the correct height. Traditional fixes include using a piece of split firewood to spread the weight of the pole over the snow surface, but Esker has come up with an even better solution: a lightweight aluminum pole base that lies flush to the snow surface, and spreads the tent weight evenly over it. Bent edges on the base stop it from sliding, and stabilize it's positioning, and like all Esker products, it's made right here in Canada.

Size: 35cm x 23cm x 4cm (12" x 9" x 1.5")
Weight: 244g (8.6oz)

Made in Canada.



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