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Fenix Traffic Wand Diffusers

Fenix Traffic Wand Diffusers

Made from a heat resistant, high impact material (PC 2805) this simple and effective signalling and visibility device is an excellent addition for those Fenix torch owners who need to be seen from up to over half a kilometre away.
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The Fenix AOT Traffic wand, when paired with a the strobe mode of your Fenix flashlight creates a highly visible 360 degree light source - perfect when walking dogs along country roads, for example, as a way to make yourself visible to drivers well in advance. Made from a heat resistant, high impact material (PC 2805) The AOT traffic wand is a must have for safety addition to your Fenix flashlight.

AOT-S fits Fenix flashlight models LD10, LD12, LD20, LD22, PD22, PD32, PD35, E21, E25, UC40

AOT-S+ fits Fenix flashlight models E28R,E35 V3.0,LD30,LD32,PD32 V2.0,PD36R, PD36TAC

AOT-M fits Fenix flashlight models TK11, TK15, RC10

AOT-L fits Fenix flashlight models TK22, LD41,RC15, E40, E50



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