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Helle Saga Siglar Knife

Helle Saga Siglar Knife

The Helle Saga Siglar Knife (named after a hand made recreation Viking cargo vessel) is similar to it's bigger brother, the Helle Viking Knife, but features a shorter, stouter blade. Like the Viking knife, the Saga Siglar also has a triple laminated carbon blade, and a thong style leather sheath.
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The Helle Saga Siglar Knife takes it's name from the sailing vessel the "Saga Siglar", a re-creation Viking cargo vessel built in Norway using hand tools and traditional shipbuilding methods - including sealing the pine wood hull with tar - by Norwegian explorer Ragnar Thorseth in the early 1980's.

Helle, whose way of making knives is also based on traditional Scandinavian methods, was tasked with re-creating a Viking Age belt knife that would match the craftsmanship and historical significance of the ship. In conjunction with Arne Emile Christensen, a professor with the University Museum of National Antiquities in Oslo, Helle devised a design based on a reconstruction of knives found in Viking graves from the historical era. From these designs came first the Helle Viking Knife (released previously), and now, the Saga Siglar.

Similar in appearance and funtion, the Saga Siglar features a shorter, stouter blade than does it's big brother the Viking. Both feature laminated carbon steel blades, curly birch handles, and genuine leather sheathes.

Blade Length: 90 mm
Overall Length: 21.8 cm
Handle: Masurian Birch
Blade: Triple Laminated Carbon Steel Blade
Includes Genuine Leather Sheath



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