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Ivanhoe Jackets

Ivanhoe jackets are heavy weight (600 g/m² to 800 g/m²) 100% wool jackets that provide wind and rain resistance, retain heat even when wet, and are available with zippered front pockets and hoods.
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About Ivanhoe Jackets

Made from heavier weight (600 g/m² to 800 g/m²) boiled wool, Ivanhoe of Sweden's jackets provide wind and moisture resistance (wool can absorb up to 30% of its dry weight in moisture without feeling damp), retain body heat even when wet, and have features like zippered pockets and hoods that allow for bundling up, or opening up to allow for changes in weather conditions.

Our Ivanhoe Jackets

We stock only the best in Ivanhoe Jackets so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Ivanhoe GY Streten 100% Wool Jacket
Ivanhoe GY Streten 100% Wool Jacket The Ivanhoe GY Streten Jacket is a wind resistant heavy weight (800 g/m²) 100% wool coat, that features a hood, 2 zippered pockets, and a drawstring at the bottom - ideal for use as a top layer (similar to an anorak) when outdoors. Made in Sweden to Ivanhoe's exacting standards.
Ivanhoe GY Madbacken Women's Wool Coat
Sold Out Ivanhoe GY Madbacken Women's Wool CoatThe Ivanhoe GY Madbacken is a heavy weight (600 g/m²) women's coat made from 100% wool that features a 2-way zipper, zipped side pockets, and a hood with drawstring.

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