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Knots for Kids

Knots for Kids

The ability to tie the proper knot for a given application is an often overlooked, though essential element of one’s outdoor repertoire. Teaching kids these skills early sets them up for success not only in their their outdoor pursuits, now and throughout their lives, but in many aspects of everyday life as well.
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Learning knots for various applications is a valuable skillset, and one that can never be started too early. This Super Explorers book brings you ALL the knots you might need for camping, canoeing, sailing or tying up your brother or sister, and covers:
  • Basic Knots—General purpose knots for tying packages, bandages or binding objects together, e.g. Reef or Square Knot
  • Bends—Knots used to join two lengths of rope or other material, e.g. Fisherman’s Knot
  • Loops—Knots that make a loop of rope that can be either fixed or sliding, e.g. Harness Loop
  • Stoppers—Knots that are used to prevent a rope from passing through a hole or to keep the end of a rope from fraying, e.g. Figure 8 Stopper
  • Hitches—Knots that are used to attach a rope to an object like a rail, post, ring or another rope, e.g. Clove Hitch

64 pages with colour illustrations.

BrandLone Pine Publishing


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