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Helle Neck Knives

Neck Knives are useful in that they keep the knife from interfering with sitting, or laying down, and keep it in an accessible, easy to reach place for access.
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About Helle Neck Knives

Neck knives offer the user functional, easy retrieval and storage of their outdoor knife - especially in weather or conditions where getting at a knife on your belt can be onerous. Modern hiking and canoe packs with large waist straps which make wearing a knife on the belt difficult, and bulky winter clothing can make accessing and storing your knife problematic. Having your knife at the ready on a lanyard means much quicker access, and easy re-sheathing. The fact that it’s a Helle neck knife means it has impeccably sharp edge that resists the elements, and is at the ready to perform the tasks you need it to when you need it to.

Our Helle Neck Knives

We stock only the best in Helle Neck Knives so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Helle Mandra Neck Knife
Helle Mandra Neck KnifeThe Helle Mandra Neck Knife is another collaboration between Helle of Norway, and "Survivorman" Les Stroud - this time inspired by the Carpathian Mountains in Romania during filming of Survivorman. The Mandra features a full tang, and either Helle's triple laminated stainless steel, or 12C27 stainless steel along with a full grain leather sheath with a securing strap and snap.

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