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Purcell Trench Titanium Packer Grill

Purcell Trench Titanium Packer Grill

The Purcell Trench Titanium Packer Grill takes the already lightweight stainless steel Packer Grill, and sheds 40% of it's weight. Recommended when travelling very lightly where cooking over fires will be a mainstay.
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The Purcell Trench Titanium Packer Grill is a feather-weight grill for use over cooking fires. Tipping the scales at a mere 53g, this titanium alloy Packer Grill is highly recommended by ultra lightweight campers and hikers. Highly corrosion resistant, with an excellent weight to strength ratio, the titanium Packer Grill is a perfect lightweight cooking option.

TIG welded by hand in the USA from American materials, Packer Grills have rounded, smooth edges and rapid cooling tube frames for quick and easy packing.

Includes a made in the USA nylon carrying bag.

Dimensions: 38 x 12.7 x 10.2 cm (with a 2.5 cm taper)
Weight: 53g

Please note: The Titanium Packer Grill is not meant for supporting very heavy pots or pans over very hot (in excess of 425C) fires. Customers looking to cook with heavy pots over roaring fires should select the regular stainless steel Packer grill, as this grill can withstand heavier weights at higher temperatures than titanium.

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