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Helle Skinning Knives

A good skinning knife should be light and agile in the hand. No need for heavy choppers or full tangs here, just a comfortable, featherweight feel and that famous razor edge that Helle delivers.
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About Helle Skinning Knives

Helle’s skinning knives offer two tang styles: partial or stick. As skinning knives are not designed for pounding or impact, partial tangs offer increased weight savings, and result in a featherweight, nimble, responsive cutting tool well suited to delicate fine work around organs or when removing fat and tissues. Swept blades with larger blade bellies increase cutting surface, making longer, smoother cutting motions, and triple laminated stainless steel blades ensures that your knife stays sharp longer, and resists rust and corrosion.

Our Helle Skinning Knives

We stock only the best in Helle Skinning Knives so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Helle Wabakimi Knife
Helle Wabakimi KnifeThe Helle Wabakimi is the third collaboration between "Surviviorman" Les Stroud and Helle. Featuring a full, hidden tang (like the Temagami), the Wabakimi sports a slightly smaller handle, and a wider, more swept blade. Now available in either H3LS (Helle triple laminated stainless steel) or Uddeholm Sleipner carbon steel blades.

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