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Survival Rope

Survival cord provides paracord along with materials for starting fire, and catching food.
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About Survival Rope

Paracord is the go-to for cordage in survival situations: incredibly strong, yet lightweight, compact, and provides the ability to break it down into smaller diameter cord (for nets, lines, sutures). Survival cord provides paracord along with materials for starting fire, and catching food.

Our Survival Rope

We stock only the best in Survival Rope so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
550 Paracord Military Spec
550 Paracord Military Spec550 paracord is ubiquitous. Real, seven strand, military grade (not consumer grade), fully tested 550 paracord made in the USA is not. When you're in an emergency situation, and have to rely on your paracord, do you want to have to question whether it'll really hold all that weight? Don't take chances with cheap knock-offs - get the real deal and have peace of mind.
750 Paracord Military Spec
750 Paracord Military Spec550 paracord is usually enough for most outdoor activities, but if more tensile strength is needed, our true, military grade (MIL-C-5040H Type 4) 750 paracord provides breaking strengths over 800 lbs for the toughest outdoor users. Featuring 11 interior strands, including a marker strand, our 750 paracord is not consumer grade, and has the lab report to prove it.
Fish 'n Fire Survival Cord
Fish 'n Fire Survival CordOur new Fish 'n Fire Survival Cord is a 550 paracord style cord which also houses two extra strands: one of 8 lb test monofilament fishing line for emergency fishing kit, and braided jute twine for emergency tinder. Now your tarp lines, pack ties or even shoelaces can do double duty as emergency survival lines. Non-toxic. Made in the USA.

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