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Survival Gear & Equipment

Be prepared for anything. Shop Emergency Survival Gear including emergency supplies, first-aid kits, clothing, flashlights, packs, rope, stoves, shelter, knives, axes, saws, water purifiers and more.

COEC's Choice in Survival Gear & Equipment

Types of Survival Gear & Equipment

Emergency Survival Safety Supplies Having the right medical information and emergency kit can be the difference between life and death. Emergency items should always be prepared and at the ready - the first gear you pack, and hopefully the gear you never need.
Survival Clothing The first line of defence for staying warm when the heat goes is having the right clothing.
Survival Flashlights When the power goes out, it’s a long, dark night without a flashlight.
Survival Packs / Backpacks Having the means to carry gear, or collect materials can be essential when maintaining portability and mobility in emergency situations.
Survival Rope Survival cord provides paracord along with materials for starting fire, and catching food.
Survival Stoves Cooking outside, and maintaining fires are options for dealing with prolonged outages.
Survival Tent / Shelter A heated shelter system can keep you warm when heat and hydro are out.
Survival Knives & Axes At northern latitudes, an axe, a saw, and a knife compose the holy trinity of outdoor survival tools.
Survival Water Purification Having a means to collect and purify water is essential in survival situations.

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