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Toboggans & Sleighs

Canadian made toboggans and sleighs from steam bent ash. The real deal - made to last.

About Toboggans & Sleighs

Like snowshoes and the birch bark canoe, toboggans were originally developed by the First Nations, and their use for recreation has become a Canadian rite of passage and cultural icon. At the Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co, we offer two types of toboggans: wooden recreational toboggans and sleighs, and polyethylene freight toboggans - both made right here in Canada.

Our wooden toboggans and sleighs are made from certified FSC wood in Ontario by a local Mennonite community. Toboggan lengths are calculated by the total size of the slats, so a 6ft toboggan (for example) loses about a foot to the front curve, making the available space for seating about 5ft. Although not strictly necessary for use, toboggan undersides can be waxed to decrease drag and increase speed for those looking for more of a thrill. Sleighs are meant for transporting small children, and should not be used for going down hills. Both of our sleighs offer steel wear bars under the runners, to add longevity and by reducing direct contact between the wooden runners and rough surfaces (sidewalks with a skiff of snow, for instance).

Our UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene) freight toboggans are not meant to be used for recreation on toboggan hills, as the extremely slippery and flexible material would end up giving the user a very sore tailbone, and a possible broken neck from the speeds that can be attained. Instead, they are meant for hauling gear or supplies into the bush when winter camping. Built relatively narrow and quite long to reduces drag, tents, stoves, gear and food can be strapped on, and pulled behind while on snowshoes, meaning that nothing needs to be carried on the back. As they are flexible, they follow the contours of the terrain they are being pulled over, and can be rolled up and put in the trunk of a car when transporting or when not in use.

Types of Toboggans & Sleighs

Winter Camping Freight Toboggans Designed for hauling gear in the winter, freight toboggans are made from highly slippery materials, and include a lashing system to secure loads.
Recreational Wooden Toboggans Canadian made, Ontario sourced ash wood toboggans for going down hills on snowy days - a Canadian childhood right of passage.

Our Toboggans & Sleighs

We stock only the best in Toboggans & Sleighs so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Canadian Made Wooden Toboggan 6ft
Canadian Made Wooden Toboggan 6ftQuality, Canadian made wooden toboggans are very tough to find. We have located however, quality, crafted, steam bent ash toboggans and sleighs that are built to last for entire childhoods and beyond, and are made right here in Ontario. It's time to hit the hills!
Canadian Made Toboggan 5ft
Canadian Made Toboggan 5ftCanadian made toboggans from steam bent Ontario FSC certified ash aren't easy to find, but we've got them. Assembled with countersunk screws (not staples), and dipped in a water based finish, these toboggans will ensure entire childhoods zipping down hills and enjoying what winter has to offer.
Safety Freight Toboggan Floating 2” Reflective D-Ring Lash Point
Safety Freight Toboggan Floating 2” Reflective D-Ring Lash PointReflective lash point for freight toboggans - capable of receiving lines up to 3/8" diameter. Made in Canada.
Safety Freight Toboggan Reflective D-Ring Lashing
Safety Freight Toboggan Reflective D-Ring LashingReflective lashing for freight toboggans for increased visibility and safety. Made in Canada.
Canadian Made Sleigh
Sold Out Canadian Made SleighA lot of youngsters here in Canada have never seen wooden sleighs (!). We aim to change that. Our steam bent ash sleighs are sturdy, solid, rugged and comfy for little ones when they need a ride in snowy weather. Built right here in Ontario, they are made to last, and feature steel wear bars on the runners to improved wear and control.
Safety Freight Toboggan Kit - Canadian Made
Sold Out Safety Freight Toboggan Kit - Canadian MadeFreight toboggans are a must for winter trekking adventures - we're pleased to now offer safety freight toboggan kits, available assembled or unassembled, for hauling all your winter camping gear, that feature a reflective strapping and lashing system - for staying visible in the dark while on multi-use trails, or for signalling for help in emergency situations.
Toboggan Premium Wood 6ft - Canadian Made Steam Bent Ash
Sold Out Toboggan Premium Wood 6ft - Canadian Made Steam Bent AshOur 6ft Premium toboggan is made from the same steam bent ash as our 5ft toboggans, but features an extra slat, making the toboggan 40 cm wide. The 6ft Premium also features rounded edges on all cross members and headers - this is as good as toboggans get.
Safety Freight Toboggan Lashing/Strapping System
Sold Out Safety Freight Toboggan Lashing/Strapping SystemAvailable as a separate kit, our safety toboggan lashing and strapping system can be retrofitted into other freight toboggans to provide increased visibility and emergency preparedness when out winter camping. Made in Canada.
Safety Freight Toboggan Floating 3.5” Reflective Cam Buckle Strap
Sold Out Safety Freight Toboggan Floating 3.5” Reflective Cam Buckle StrapSet of 2 reflective floating safety cam buckle straps - capable of receiving lines of up to 3/8" diameter, and webbing up to 1" wide. Made in Canada.
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