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Trangia Burners

Trangia stoves are made in Sweden and can run on alcohol, isobutane or petroleum based fuels. Perfect for hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, trekking and bushcraft.
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About Trangia Burners

Trangia is best known for it’s alcohol burner cup, although Trangia also provides burners for those who prefer isobutane and petroleum derivatives (white gas, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel). Alcohol burners offer worry free use with no moving parts, jets or needles, and uses widely available, inexpensive fuel alcohol. Isobutane offers quick and easy use and operation, while petroleum offers power and performance in temperatures and altitudes that make using other fuel types difficult. Trangia has a burner system that matches you and the type of outdoor activities you enjoy.

Our Trangia Burners

We stock only the best in Trangia Burners so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Trangia Spirit Alcohol Burner
Trangia Spirit Alcohol BurnerThe Trangia Burner set is the heart of all Trangia stove sets. Small, compact, with no moving parts, it is capable of burning alcohol-based fuels (methyl hydrate, marine stove fuel, fondue fuel, rubbing alcohol, etc..).
Trangia Gas Burner
Trangia Gas BurnerThe Trangia Gas Burner attachment allows you to use isobutane canisters as a fuel source for your Trangia cooksets.
Trangia Triangle
Trangia TriangleThe Trangia Triangle is perfect for super light weight packing and ideal for inside a survival kit. It is made up of 3 stainless steel sides along with a support ring to accommodate a spirit burner or gasburner (burner is not included). Includes a carrying bag.
Trangia Winter Attachment
Trangia Winter AttachmentTrangia winter attachment for 27 series and 25 series cook-sets for use in winter conditions.
Trangia Gel Fuel Burner
Trangia Gel Fuel BurnerThe Trangia gel fuel burner is designed to burn gel alcohol fuels, and is interoperable with the standard Trangia alcohol burner that fits in all Trangia cooksets.
Alcohol Burner Cross Members
Alcohol Burner Cross MembersFor those looking to go ultra-light, this compact and simple addition to a Trangia spirit burner turns it into a stand alone stove.
Trangia Gel Fuel Burner Cup
Trangia Gel Fuel Burner CupThe Trangia Gel Fuel Burner cup is a replacement cup for the one included with the Trangia Gel Fuel Burner.
Trangia Open Spirit Stove
Sold Out Trangia Open Spirit StoveThe Trangia Open Spirit stove is small and compact, and fits inside the 1.5 litre saucepan. Great for quick overnight trips.

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