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Council Tool Velvicut Axes

Council Tool Velvicut Axes feature 5160 steel, drop forged heads, and premium hickory handles, and include a leather mask or sheath.
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About Velvicut Axes

Velvicut axes evoke a bygone era; a time when an axe was essential for daily chores. When edge retention, sharpness, and heft made the day seem shorter – or longer.

Made in North Carolina, as they have been since their inception, Velvicut axes are forged from 5160 knife steel, then shot blasted, and fitted with a premium hickory handles. A fully welted leather mask or sheath is included with every Velvicut axe.

Our Velvicut Axes

We stock only the best in Velvicut Axes so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Velvicut Double Bit Saddle Axe
Velvicut Double Bit Saddle AxeThe Council Tools Velvicut Double Bit Saddle Axe is a unique specimen: sporting a 16" handle, and featuring a forged 5160 steel head, it is flat ground (with phantom bevels) to different angles on each bit: 25 degrees on the left blade for cutting, shaving, and carving and a more robust 32 degrees right blade for notching, splitting and heavier jobs - making it packable, portable, and highly versatile.
Velvicut Hudson Bay Camp Axe
Velvicut Hudson Bay Camp AxeThe Velvicut Hudson Bay Camp Axe features a traditional 2lb Hudson Bay pattern head drop forged from 5160 alloy steel, a full grain leather sheath, and is available in two handle sizes: 19" and 24".
Velvicut Bad Axe Boy’s Axe
Velvicut Bad Axe Boy’s AxeModelled after the US Forest Service's "Boy's Axe", The Velvicut Bad Boy's Axe features a 2.25 lb forged 5160 steel head, a 25 degree angle hand ground edge on the bit that it slightly convexed, and thicker cheeks to prevent sticking when using with hardwoods.
Velvicut American Felling Axe
Velvicut American Felling AxeThe Velvicut American Felling Axe features a 4lb Dayton Pattern head that is hand sharpened, a 36" premium hickory handle, and includes a premium leather mask.
Velvicut Hudson Bay Belt Hatchet
Velvicut Hudson Bay Belt HatchetThe Velvicut Hudson Bay Belt Hatchet features a 1.25lb forged head that sports the traditional Hudson Bay pattern - geometry that is equally adept at collecting, chopping, carving and splitting wood - making it a highly versatile hatchet that is compact, and eminently packable.
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