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Velvicut Bad Axe Boy’s Axe

Velvicut Bad Axe Boy’s Axe

Modelled after the US Forest Service's "Boy's Axe", The Velvicut Bad Boy's Axe features a 2.25 lb forged 5160 steel head, a 25 degree angle hand ground edge on the bit that it slightly convexed, and thicker cheeks to prevent sticking when using with hardwoods.
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The Velvicut Bad Boy's axe is modelled after the US Forest Service's "Boy's Axe", but with some significant upgrades. The forged, 2.25 lb Dayton pattern 5160 steel head is hand ground to 25 degrees, with a slightly convex edge for maximum bite. Slightly thicker cheeks aid in removal of the bit after strikes.

The premium hickory handle features a prominent grip and a slim body that allows the handle to flex - improving the ergonomics. Its traditional pattern embodies the heirloom quality of axes from times gone by.

The Bad Boy's Axe is a generalist; mid-sized, it's equally at home breaking up kindling, splitting, limbing, chopping, or felling.

Velvicut BadBay's Axe

2.25 lb Forged 5160 steel head - Dayton Pattern
Bit ground at 25 Degrees - slightly convexed
28" premium hickory handle
Includes premium leather mask
Backed by Council Tool's Lifetime Guarantee
Made in the USA

BrandCouncil Tool


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