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Women's Thermal Base Layers

Thermal layers designed for women that go directly against the skin to provide moisture wicking capabilities (key in a base layer system), as well as insulative properties to keep body heat against the skin. Can be combined with mid-layer thermal wear to further enhance and insulate in colder weather.
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Ivanhoe of Sweden
Woolpower Ostersund

About Women's Base Layers

Base layers are key to keeping warm, so if there's only one piece of clothing you purchase to help keep warm base layers are where to start. Our Women's base layers are made in Sweden from either 100% fine merino wool, or a merino wool blend material, and provide essential wicking and heat retention functions. As wool warms even when wet, and can retain up to 30% of it's weight in moisture before it feels wet, the advantages of wearing it against the skin are numerous - including helping to keep bacteria and odour buildup at bay, and not requiring frequent laundering. As merino wool fibres are fine (less than 22 microns) merino wool is not itchy when worn against the skin (which is how to get the most thermal protection).

Our Women's Base Layers

We stock only the best in Women's Base Layers so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Woolpower Crewneck
Woolpower CrewneckA perfect cold weather base layer - extremely effective at wicking away moisture, while retaining precious body heat.
Ivanhoe Women's Merino Long Sleeve  Underwool
Ivanhoe Women's Merino Long Sleeve UnderwoolIvanhoe Women's Merino Long Sleeve Underwool is a lightweight (160 g/m²) 100% merino wool base layer designed specifically for women that wicks moisture away from the skin while helping to retain body heat. Made in Sweden.
Ivanhoe Merino Underwool Wool Sports Bra
Ivanhoe Merino Underwool Wool Sports BraIvanhoe's Merino Underwool Sports Bra is double layered in soft and comfortable 160 g/m² 100% merino wool that wicks moisture while providing thermal protection and features a racerback with elastic to hold everything in place. Made in Sweden.
Woolpower LITE Crewneck
Woolpower LITE CrewneckThe Woolpower LITE unisex crewneck is great as a base layer in cool weather, can be used in combination with other Woolpower layers, or used as a thermal layer during aerobic activity in colder weather that wicks moisture, and combats odour and bacteria.
Woolpower LITE Women's Long Johns
Woolpower LITE Women's Long JohnsWoolpower LITE long johns for women are great as a cool weather base, or as a thermal layer during aerobic activity in colder weather (jogging, running, skiing, skating,etc..)
Ivanhoe Eivor Women's Merino Wool Long Johns
Ivanhoe Eivor Women's Merino Wool Long JohnsIvanhoe's Eivor Women's Merino Wool Long Johns are made from 100% mulesing free merino wool, with a material weight of 160 g/m² - excellent as a base layer for retaining heat, and wicking away moisture. Made in Sweden.
Woolpower Long Johns
Woolpower Long JohnsYou haven't felt what a difference a great pair of long johns make until you've tried these long johns form Woolpower - made of acircularly knit fabric, and as a result, have no lengthwise seams down the legs. A gusset in the back ensures optimal comfort, and leg cuffs are sewn in.
Woolpower Zip Turtleneck
Woolpower Zip TurtleneckA perfect base or mid layer - the short zipper on the Zip Turtleneck allows for ventilation. Made of a circular knit fabric, it has no lengthwise seams, can be machine washed and dried, and is available in two weights: 200g/m² or 400g/m².
Women’s Woolpower LITE Boxer Briefs Xlong
Women’s Woolpower LITE Boxer Briefs XlongWoolpower LITE Xlong women's briefs provide merino wool thermal protection and more leg coverage in cool spring or fall weather, or under cycling or athletic shorts or leggings while hiking, jogging, skiiing, walking or other outdoor activities.
Woolpower LITE Zip Turtleneck
Woolpower LITE Zip TurtleneckThe Woolpower LITE zip turtle neck is a highly versatile merino base layer that allows for venting and covering the base of the neck - making it perfect for fall or early spring weather with cold mornings and evenings, or for aerobic activity like running, hiking, or cycling. Made in Sweden, and sewn by a single seamstress (who outs her name tag in each garment), the Woolpower LITE zip turtleneck is a high quality, functional, adaptable merino wool base layer.
Woolpower LITE Unisex Tee
Woolpower LITE Unisex TeeThe Woolpower LITE tee shirt features Woolpower's new LITE material constructed with a rib knit and made with 80% merino wool (superfine, 19.5 microns). The merino wool is combined with 20% of synthetic polyamide fiber (nylon), to create a stronger and more durable garment.

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