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750 Paracord Military Spec

750 Paracord Military Spec

550 paracord is usually enough for most outdoor activities, but if more tensile strength is needed, our true, military grade (MIL-C-5040H Type 4) 750 paracord provides breaking strengths over 800 lbs for the toughest outdoor users. Featuring 11 interior strands, including a marker strand, our 750 paracord is not consumer grade, and has the lab report to prove it.
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550 paracord is usually plenty strong enough for most outdoor activities. Should you require something stronger however, we're pleased to offer 550 paracord's big brother: 750 paracord.

Rated for loads of 750 lbs (but capable of supporting loads of 830 lbs+), our true military grade (not consumer grade) MIL-C-5040H Type 4 mil spec 770 paracord is made in the USA by a certified government contractor. Featuring 11 interior strands (including a marker strand), and fibres that are never bleached, and never more than 2 years old, our military grade nylon 750 paracord ensures you can trust your line to perform when you need it to. 750 paracord diameter: 4mm (1/8")

Made in the USA


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