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Used to secure the end of a stick tang into the end of the handle, by peening the end of the tang into the butt and handle.
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Our Butts/Pins

We stock only the best in Butts/Pins so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Helle Flat Brass Butts
Helle Flat Brass ButtsHelle's flat brass butts come in either 3.8 or 4mm diameters, and work with a variety of Helle's blades.
Helle Harding Brass Butt
Helle Harding Brass ButtThe Helle Harding brass butt allows for the use of a leather strap to help secure the knife in it's sheath.
Helle Viking Pin
Helle Viking PinThe Helle Viking Pin is used as a base to peen the blade's tang at the butt of the knife for Helle's Viking and Saga Siglar blade blanks.
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