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Helle Blade Blanks

Craft a beautiful handle of your own - be it wood, antler, leather - you decide. Use a laminated or Sandvik steel blade, a full, stick or partial tang from many of Helle's outstanding knife models.
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About Helle Blade Blanks

In addition to completed knives, Helle also makes available various blade blanks of popular Helle models for those who want to handle their own blades. Available in triple laminated carbon, triple laminated high carbon stainless, or straight 12C27 stainless steel varieties, Helle’s blade blanks give you the freedom to chose and shape your own handle materials for a truly custom, one of a kind knife.

Types of Helle Blade Blanks

Small Helle Blade Blanks Helle's small blade blanks provide blade lengths up to 3" in length, and feature construction of Helle's triple laminate stainless, or laminate carbon steel.
Medium Helle Blade Blanks Helle's medium knife blade blanks offer blade lengths between 3" and 4", and razor edges, and construction of Helle's laminated stainless steel, laminated carbon steel, or Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel.
Large Helle Blade Blanks Large blade blanks from Helle feature blades longer than 4", and construction from 12C27 stainless steel, or Helle's renowned triple laminated stainless or carbon steels.
Helle Fillet Knife Blade Blanks Thinner, longer blades devoted exclusively to filleting fish. Helle's fillet knife blanks are made thin and flexible from Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel - perfect for a kind fillet knife!
Partial Tang Blade Blanks Partial tangs knife blade provide for the most lightweight and cost effective knife upon completion - perfect for when impact and pounding is not part your knife function.
Stick Tang Helle Blades Stick tangs are the time honoured traditional tang pattern for Scandinavian knives, and stick tang blade blanks offer an excellent balance of durability with minimal weight - thousands of years of field use is hard to argue with.
Full Tang Helle Blade Blanks Full tang knife blade blanks provide the most durability if impact and pounding are part of the equation with your knife, or where more weight or robustness is required.
Helle Knife Making Accessories Helle knife making kits are designed for those who are just starting out making their own knives, and includes everything you need to make your own knife and sheath.

Our Helle Blade Blanks

We stock only the best in Helle Blade Blanks so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Helle Utvaer Blade Blank
Helle Utvaer Blade BlankThe Helle Utvaer blade blank provides a launching point for you to create your own, personalized Utvaer knife. Featuring a 3mm thick, 100 mm blade (210 mm total length) drop point 12C27 blade, the Utvaer blade is a great choice for those looking for a heavy duty bushcraft/outdoor knife.
Helle Steinbit Blade Blank
Helle Steinbit Blade BlankThe Helle Steinbit Blade blank is a fillet knife blade that sports a 1.6mm think blade of 12C27 stainless steel, a blade length of 161mm, and an overall length of 277mm. The Steinbit blade provides a long sweep in it's sharpened portion and excellent flexibility along it's length - perfect for bass, trout, pike an other lake fish.
Helle Jegermester Blade Blank
Helle Jegermester Blade BlankThe Helle Jegermester Blade blank is a large, hunting style blade made of 2.8mm think 12C27 stainless steel. The blade is 138mm long with an overall length of 254mm, and suits those who prefer larger, broader blades for outdoor knives.
Helle Turmann Blade Blank
Helle Turmann Blade BlankThe Helle Turmann Blade blank features a medium-small, stout triple laminated stainless steel blade that is 3.0 mm thick, 187 mm long, and features a blade length of 77 mm - excellent as a skinning or game processing blade.
Helle Lappland Blade Blank
Helle Lappland Blade BlankThe Helle Lappland Blade blank features a 3 mm thick solid 12C27 stainless blade that had a blade length of 214mm, and an overall length of 345 mm. Used traditionally by the Sami people of northern Norway, Sweden and Finland. The Lappland blade is the largest blade Helle produces.
Helle Alden Blade Blank
Helle Alden Blade BlankThe Helle Alden blade is a 3mm thick 12C27 blade blank with a 105mm (just over 4") blade and overall length of 235mm. An excellent choice for those looking for a general purpose drop point knife in non-laminate stainless steel.
Helle Folkekniven Blade Blank
Helle Folkekniven Blade BlankThe Helle Folkekniven Blade blank is made from 3mm thick Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, and features a blade length of 87mm, and an overall length of 207mm. This stout, all purpose blade once handled, makes an excellent all purpose outdoor knife.
Helle SpeiderKniven Blade Blank
Helle SpeiderKniven Blade BlankThe Helle Speiderkniven (Junior Scout) blade blank is a 2.5mm thick, partial tang, 90mm 12C27 stainless blade - used in Helle's Speiderkniven knives.
Helle Fiskekniv Blade Blank
Helle Fiskekniv Blade BlankThe Helle Fiskeniv blade blank is a 1.4mm thick 12C27 stainless steel partial tang fillet blade with a 155mm blade, and overall length of 270mm.
Helle Hellefisk Blade Blank
Helle Hellefisk Blade BlankThe Helle Hellefisk Blade blank features a Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade that is 1.3 mm thick, 258 mm long, and features a blade length of 123 mm. Made much thinner than other blade blanks, the Hellefisk is flexible, and is excellent for processing larger freshwater or ocean fish.
Helle Polar Blade Blank
Helle Polar Blade BlankThe Helle Polar blade blank is a thinner, non-drop point 2.5mm thick laminated blade with a 71mm blade and overall length of 171mm.
Helle Didi Galgalu Blade Blank
Helle Didi Galgalu Blade BlankThe Helle Didi Galgalu Blade Blank is Helle's largest full tang blade, and features a 3mm thick, 129mm (249mm overall length) Scandinavian ground blade of 12C27 stainless steel - excellent for those looking to fashion a large, heavy duty outdoor knife.
Helle Eggen Blade Blank
Helle Eggen Blade BlankThe Helle Eggen blade blank is the blade used in one of the most popular Helle models. A 3.1 mm, laminated 101mm steel blade with a drop point, and overall length of 211mm make this an excellent all-around outdoor knife blade.
Helle Viking Blade Blank
Helle Viking Blade BlankThe Helle Viking Blade blank features a 3.7mm thick laminated carbon steel blade with an overall length of 255 mm, and a blade length of 111mm. One of Helle's most popular knives, now you can fashion your own handle for this hefty, traditionally styled carbon blade.
Helle Brakar Blade Blank
Helle Brakar Blade BlankThe Helle BraKar blade blank features a large, laminated stainless steel blade with a 130mm blade with jimping grooves, and an overall length of 25.5cm. An excellent choice for those looking for a large (5" +) blade.
Helle Olakniven Blade Blank
Helle Olakniven Blade BlankThe Helle Olakniven blade is the smallest of all Helle Blades. Measuring in at a diminutive 57mm (overall 152mm), the Olakniven's laminated steel blade is well suited to small neck, or carving knives.
Helle Temagami Blade Blank
Sold Out Helle Temagami Blade BlankThe Helle Temagami Blade blank is the same laminated stainless steel blade featured in Helle's Temagami knife. Made from Helle's laminated high carbon stainless steel, the Temagami blade blank is 3 mm thick, with an overall blade length of 230 mm.
Helle Harding Blade Blank
Sold Out Helle Harding Blade BlankThe Helle Harding blade blank gives you the opportunity to handle one of Helle's classic knives. Featuring a a 3.1mm thick laminated stainless steel blade with a blade length of 100mm, and an overall length of 219 mm, the Helle Harding blade a blank canvas awaiting your personal touch.
Helle GT Blade Blank
Sold Out Helle GT Blade BlankThe Helle GT Blade blank is a large hunting and outdoor blade that features construction of 3.2mm thick laminated high carbon stainless steel with an overall length of 247 mm, and a blade length of 123mm.
Helle Fjording Blade Blank
Sold Out Helle Fjording Blade BlankThe Helle Fjording Blade blank features a stout, triple laminated carbon steel blade with a thickness of 3mm, blade length of 70mm, and an overall length of 165 mm. The Fjording blade makes an excellent, compact, nimble all-purpose outdoor knife for devotees of carbon steel.
Helle Mandra Blade Blank
Sold Out Helle Mandra Blade BlankThe Helle Mandra blade blank offers a full tang, neck knife blade made from Helle's triple laminated stainless steel. 2.6mm thick, with an overall length of 149mm, the Mandra blade blank is the launching point for your very own personalized Mandra neck knife.
Helle Nying Blade Blank
Sold Out Helle Nying Blade BlankThe Helle Nying is similar to the Helle Fjording blade, but in laminated stainless steel. Featuring 2.7mm thick steel, a blade length of 70mm, and overall length of 95mm, the Nying's short blade is excellent for neck or carving knives.
Helle Fire Blade Blank
Sold Out Helle Fire Blade BlankProbably the most unique of all Helle blades, the Fire features a swept 3.1mm full tang laminate steel blade with a stout blade length of 68mm, and an overall length of 195mm.
Helle Gaupe Blade Blank
Sold Out Helle Gaupe Blade BlankThe Helle Gaupe Blade Blank is a medium to large sized triple laminated stainless steel blade, 3.1mm thick, and 107mm (4.2") long.
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