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Casström is located in Swedish Lapland, and is a manufacturer of knives rooted in the Scandinavian knife making tradition but with advancements and modernizations implemented as a result of customer feedback, backed by rigorous testing.
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coec choiceLars Fält KnifeLars Fält Knife $251.75 - $288.00
Casstrom No.3 DanglerCasström No.3 Dangler $27.75 - $28.25
Casström Axe Holster/LoopCasström Axe Holster/Loop $25.50
newCasstrom Swedish Strop PasteCasstrom Swedish Strop Paste $9.75Casstrom Safari Mini Hunter KnifeCasstrom Safari Mini Hunter Knife $153.50 - $206.50Casstrom Army FiresteelCasstrom Army Firesteel $36.50 - $40.50Lars Fält Lock Back Folding KnifeLars Fält Lock Back Folding Knife $208.00 - $244.00
Casström Spoon Carving BladeCasström Spoon Carving Blade $27.50
Leather Axe Overstrike GuardLeather Axe Overstrike Guard $20.50
Casstrom Lars Fält Knife Blade BlankCasström Lars Fält Knife Blade Blank $95.50Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - Winter EditionOutdoors the Scandinavian Way - Winter Edition $35.50
Casstrom Field StropCasstrom Field Strop $26.00
Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - Using a KnifeOutdoors the Scandinavian Way - Using a Knife $29.75
Lars Falt Folding Knife SheathLars Fält Folding Knife Sheath $37.50Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - Summer EditionOutdoors the Scandinavian Way - Summer Edition $35.50
Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - Survival SkillsOutdoors the Scandinavian Way - Survival Skills $35.50
Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - Using an AxeOutdoors the Scandinavian Way - Using an Axe $29.75
Casstrom Lars Falt Sheath Casström Lars Fält Sheath $39.00 - $45.00Casstrom Woodsman KnifeCasstrom Woodsman Knife $236.75 - $286.75Casstrom Swedish Forest KnifeCasstrom No.10 Swedish Forest Knife $198.50 - $272.75Casstrom Swedish Forest Knife with Firesteel ComboCasstrom No.10 Swedish Forest Knife with Firesteel Combo $238.00 - $273.50Casstrom No.10 Swedish Forest Knife SheathsCasström No.10 Swedish Forest Knife Sheaths $38.25 - $45.00Casstrom Woodsman Knife SheathCasstrom Woodsman Knife Sheath $38.25 - $45.00Casstrom Safari Knife SheathCasstrom Safari Knife Sheath $28.25Quick Release Belt Loop with HookCasstrom Quick Release Belt Loop with Hook $35.00Leather Possibles PouchLeather Possibles Pouch $74.00Casstrom No.10 Swedish Forest Knife Blade BlankCasström No.10 Swedish Forest Knife Blade Blank $92.75Casstrom Safari Mini Hunter Blade BankCasström Safari Mini Hunter Blade Bank $53.25Casstrom Woodsman Knife Blade BlankCasström Woodsman Knife Blade Bank $92.75Casstrom No.10 Swedish Forest Knife Making KitCasstrom Knife Making Kit $121.00 Casstrom Traditional Scandinavian Knife Making Kit Casstrom Traditional Scandinavian Knife Making Kit $71.75newCasström Leather Lanyard with ClaspCasström Leather Lanyard with Clasp $27.75newCasstrom Spoon Knife SheathCasstrom Spoon Knife Sheath $14.50newCasström No.10 Kydex Sheath HangerCasström No.10 Kydex Sheath Hanger $26.75newCasstrom Safari Kydex Sheath HangerCasstrom Safari Kydex Sheath Hanger $23.00
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