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DMT Diamond Lapping Plate

DMT Diamond Lapping Plate

The DMT DiaFlat Lapping plate is the ultimate flattening surface for truing sharpening stones. Made large (10 x 25 cm) and flat to extremely tight tolerances (to within 0.0005"), this American made, nickel plated rust resistant steel with aggressive 120 grit diamond coating will stay flat, and provide many, many years of stone flattening duties.
5-Star Service
Trusted Equipment
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Fast, Free Shipping
5-Star Service
5-Star Service

The DMT DiaFlat Lapping Pate is the largest lapping plate on the market, and as it uses DMT's diamond hardcoat technology, the longest lasting as well. With an aggressive 120 grit diamond surface, that's certified flat to +/- 0.0005” (!!), along with a rust resistant nickel plated steel substrate, the DMT DiaFlat will not only flatten your sharpening stones, but will stay flat, and provide years of reliable performance.

  • Precision ground flat to +/- 0.0005”.
  • Aggressive surface to facilitate quick and easy flattening of conventional and arkansas stones and waterstones.
  • Largest surface area of any diamond lapping plate - 40 square inches or 50% larger than other diamond lapping plates.
  • DMT Diamond Hardcoat Technology outlasts any other diamond coating in the market on lapping plate.
  • Durable construction will provide years of performance and reliable service.
  • Made in USA.


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