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Sharpening Implements

Sharpen your axes, knives and saws to keep them functioning at their best. Diamond stones, whetstones, strops, hones, steels - we've got your sharpening needs covered.

About Sharpening Implements

Any quality tool will need sharpening eventually. Having good sharpening implements provides the most efficient means of re-establishing and maintaining effective axe, saw and knife edges. Files are used to sharpen saws, and to grind axe and knife bevel faces re-establishing and correcting edge geometries. Saw files are triangular, and must always extend past the cutting teeth of the saw to allow for even wear of the file. Sharpening stones and diamond files are used to refine and maintain keen cutting edges on axes and knives, once general shaping has been completed, while strops and hones take a sharp edge to a razor edge, adding the finishing refining touches of the sharpening process.

Our Sharpening Implements

We stock only the best in Sharpening Implements so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Knife & Axe Axe Stone
Knife & Axe Axe StoneThe Knife & Axe Axe stone is a large (7.5cm diameter), two grit (240 and 400) axe stone that can be used dry, with water, or with oil. The included screw top aluminum tin is great for both soaking and storing the stone.
Fallkniven DC4 Sharpener
Fallkniven DC4 SharpenerThe Fallkniven DC 4 is well made, field expedient and perfect for sharpening knives to a razor sharp edge.
Bahco Tapered Triangular Saw File
Bahco Tapered Triangular Saw FileThe Bahco Tapered Saw File is a triangular shaped saw file that is used to sharpen the teeth of crosscut saws (such as our Lynx one man crosscut saws ).
Double Sided Paddle Strop
Double Sided Paddle StropOur wide, two sided paddle strop features one side with grain leather, the other with flesh side leather, providing two surfaces for the use of different compounds, or for applying chromium oxide to one side, and leaving the other as a final, leather only stropping surface.
Remote Axe & Knife Sharpening Service
Remote Axe & Knife Sharpening ServiceEnsure your axe or knife is always in top condition with our remote sharpening service - send us your knife or axe, we'll sharpen it, and free ship it back to you!
Fällkniven CC4 Ceramic Whetstone
Fällkniven CC4 Ceramic WhetstoneThe Fallkniven CC4 is a double sided ceramic whetstone featuring a super fine 0.1 micron honing/polishing side, and a 1 micron de-burring and honing side in a compact, portable package.
Mora S Diamond Sharpening Rod
Mora S Diamond Sharpening RodThe Mora S Diamond Sharpening Rod is excellent for sharpening hooked knives, spoon knives, hooks, or other curved edges that need sharpening.
Chromium Oxide Paste
Chromium Oxide PasteChromium Oxide paste is used to coat a leather strop with very fine particulate that works to smooth and refine knife or axe edges after sharpening, increasing the keenness of a sharpened edge.
Wooden File Handle
Wooden File HandleThese beech file/tool handles provide a solid base and grip for your saw files. Made in England.
King Combination Japanese Waterstone - 1200/8000 Grit
King Combination Japanese Waterstone - 1200/8000 GritThe King 1200/8000 combination waterstone is a high quality Japanese waterstone meant for finishing and polishing and features 2 surfaces: 1200 grit on one side (fine shaping/sharpening) and a 8000 fine grit on the other for polishing an edge.
Fllkniven DC3 Sharpener
Fllkniven DC3 SharpenerThe Fallkniven DC3 is a great little sharpening stone that features a diamond sharpening side, and a ceramic honing side for sharpening and touch ups out in the field.
Flat Saw File
Flat Saw FileThis Swiss made flat saw file (22mm wide x 4.5mm thick) is designed for sharpening the gullets of the Lynx one man crosscut saw (great American tooth pattern).
Knife & Axe Knife Stone
Knife & Axe Knife StoneThe Knife & Axe Knife Stone is a portable 220/400 grit water stone that is ideal fro repairing minor blade damage and refining edge sharpness.
King Waterstone Holder
King Waterstone HolderThe King waterstone holder keeps your King waterstone, or any water stone from 5-1/2" to 8-1/2" long secure and stationary while in use.
Frost River Tool Roll
Frost River Tool RollThe Frost River Tool Roll is a handy, versatile package for easy access and storage of not only tools, but sharpening implements, utensils, art supplies, edc items, etc. Made from the same tough, durable waxed canvas as Frost River's packs.
Single Sided Paddle Strop
Single Sided Paddle StropOur single sided cow's leather paddle strop features a wide leather surface for the final stropping and refining of a knife or axe edge. The use of chromium oxide paste with the strop will help to give give a keen, razor edge to all your blades after sharpening.
Frost River Shop Apron
Frost River Shop ApronThe Frost River Shop Apron is a tough-as-nails, rugged work apron perfect for keeping dirt and grime off your clothes, and keeping implements and utensils at the ready while working.
Flattening Stone
Flattening StoneSharpening stones need to be trued (flattened) from time to time, in order to ensure they are making contact evenly and uniformly with the tool they are sharpening - especially knives. These made in the USA flattening stones feature rough (120 grit) surfaces that are designed to return your water or oil stones to true, flat surfaces.
Four Sided Sided Paddle Strop
Four Sided Sided Paddle StropFor the ultimate in edge refinement, our four sided paddle strop provides three grain sides, and one hide side for those looking to apply multiple stropping compounds (green, white, red), or to strop a single compound across differing leather grades.
DMT Diamond Lapping Plate
DMT Diamond Lapping PlateThe DMT DiaFlat Lapping plate is the ultimate flattening surface for truing sharpening stones. Made large (10 x 25 cm) and flat to extremely tight tolerances (to within 0.0005"), this American made, nickel plated rust resistant steel with aggressive 120 grit diamond coating will stay flat, and provide many, many years of stone flattening duties.
Gransfors Bruks Axe File
Sold Out Gransfors Bruks Axe FileThe Gränsfors Bruks Axe File is a handy, compact file that's perfect for re-profiling, or removing dings and nicks from an axe edge. The axe file can be used to sharpen an axe to mid-level sharpness before moving on to a stone or diamond to apply a razor finish.
King Combination Japanese Waterstone - 220/1000 Grit
Sold Out King Combination Japanese Waterstone - 220/1000 GritThe King 220/1000 combination waterstone is a high quality Japanese waterstone featuring 2 sides: 220 grit on one side (for initial rough shaping/sharpening) and a 1000 medium grit on the other for further refining of an edge.
Gransfors Bruks Ceramic Axe Stone
Sold Out Gransfors Bruks Ceramic Axe StoneThe Gränsfors Bruks Ceramic Axe Stone is a perfect field sharpening stone, featuring a rubber clamshell case, and coarse (180 grit) and fine (600 grit) bevelled sides for correcting and maintaining your axe.
Gransfors Bruks Diamond Axe File
Sold Out Gransfors Bruks Diamond Axe FileThe Gränsfors Bruks Diamond Axe File is a field expedient, compact, diamond file featuring a coarse and fine side.
Fallkniven DC521 Diamond Bench Stone
Sold Out Fallkniven DC521 Diamond Bench StoneThe Fallkniven DC521 bench stone offers two very different kinds of stones; The yellow side is a fast and aggressive diamond stone, while the dark side is a slow, very fine ceramic stone. Both surfaces are precision flat, which is a prerequisite for perfect sharpening results.
Viking Pendant Whetstone
Sold Out Viking Pendant WhetstoneThe Viking Pendant Whetstone is a handy, wearable, 600 - 800 grit sharpening stone of Arkansas novaculite, that features a beveled edge (for knives), a rounded edge (for serrated edges), and a groove for fish hooks, and can be used dry, with water, or oil. Comes with an adjustable leather cord. Made in the USA.
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